Leveraging Your Credit Union's Social Media & Community Programs: Part 2

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Information about Leveraging Your Credit Union's Social Media & Community Programs: Part 2
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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: CafeGiveSocial

Source: slideshare.net


Tip: Have you seen Part I of this series yet?

A great social media strategy is a "must" for today's brand interactions, and marketing and new member initiatives. All Credit Unions understand the value of social media, yet very few can cut through the "commotion promotion" and meaningfully connect with new and potential members.

This two-part webinar series helps Credit Unions leverage their community programs in order to stand out, and learn how to use social social media to build deeper connections with members and fans around the causes they love.

Part II

CafeGive Social & Credit Unions We deepen connections between credit unions & their affiliates, members, & communities. Enable you to have a positive impact on causes they love, using the power of social media

Your Speaker & CafeGive Social Sandra Morris is a marketing strategist, product specialist, nonprofit board member, and a seasoned speaker on topics including corporate social responsibility, leadership, and social media. Prior to founding CafeGive Social, her roles including CIO for Intel Corporation and Senior Executive and VP of Consumer Images Services for Kodak.

Review Part I Campaign Strategy “Anchor” Strategy

Review Part I Campaign Strategy

Today • How to leverage your CUs social media and community programs to stand out and attract members: • • • Focus on community outreach as an “anchor” social media strategy Choosing the right strategic “fit” Specific ideas & examples of: • • • Powerful cause campaigns & key takeaways Ways to leverage social media for long-term engagement Tips for steering your CU‟s strategy

Developing Your Strategy Some questions 1. What‟s your current status on social media marketing? 2. Who currently does your overall marketing & social media marketing? 3. Does your CU have a cause in your community or globally that you care about and support? 4. Do you have a specific giving story or a unique program that you want to share with your community? 5. Is there anyone that you would like to engage or make part of your community impact?

4 Reasons for CUs To Use Cause Marketing People want more cause marketing efforts 54% 87% Cause marketing yields a competitive edge 1. 2013 CONE Communications/ECHO Study 2. The Nielsen Global Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility 2013

4 Reasons for CUs To Use Cause Marketing Moms & Millennials love cause marketing 91% 86% 90% Consumers want companies to act locally 3. 2013 CONE Communications Cause Evolution Study 4. 2013 Cone Communications/ Echo Global CSR Study

Assessment Time __ Your CU has a well-defined social media & online “voice” & presence __ You can clearly define your social media & community program goals __ Your team & community are aware of your CSR initiatives __ You regularly measure the effectiveness of your social media efforts & community programs

PATELCO CREDIT UNION The Strategy Communicate Patelco‟s powerful community impact in one “living” cohesive story, and exemplify Patelco‟s stated “‟People, Not Profits‟ credit union philosophy extends throughout everything they do.”

PATELCO CREDIT UNION Anchor Strategy Approach: Centralize ongoing giving story, & grow community partnership base Tool: Social Impact Map Semi Custom addition for grant process



PATELCO CREDIT UNION The Results 59 events cause events since launching SIM 7044 donors contributing to Patelco‟s giving 53 orgs served by Patelco‟s efforts

Patelco Takeaways  Build SUBSTANTIAL social know-how for campaigns  Strong brand, themed graphics  Consistent messaging: “Patelco gives back”  Member response growing  On-going commitment from team  Fresh involvement: new campaigns keep engagement up  Seeks opportunities to forge new partnerships

PROMETHEUS REAL ESTATE POrCH The Strategy Tie all community impact campaigns back to Prometheus Real Estate and POrCH brand, tell cohesive community giving story and unite branches

POrCH Anchor Strategy Tool: Social Impact Map Donate App - Leaderboard Approach: Multiple campaigns, causes, comm unicated through central “hub”


POrCH http://youtu.be/Kc-UrCadbzs

POrCH Takeaways  Unified multiple causes & initiatives through umbrella brand  Made giving part of Prometheus‟s identity  Leveraged social media and community programs to utilize Facebook as “anchor” for good works  Multiple staff involved in updating & providing giving stories  Visually compelling posts and campaigns  Follow-up: multi-media in form of video to tie homepage and CSR back to social media and online conversation


ATCCF Prior to Autumn of Giving Campaign, low social media engagement

ATCCF Autumn of Giving Anchor Strategy Approach: Used Facebook as central „anchor‟ for multiple, coordinated campaigns Tools: Vote App Donate App Social Impact Map In person Autumn of Giving celebration Cause marketing partner, CafeGive Social

Autumn of Giving The Results 700% increase in Facebook “Likes” $78,000 raised for future charitable giving 279 votes for top nonprofit and cause

Autumn of Giving http://youtu.be/gEZFto4efSU

Autumn of Giving Takeaways  Created strong, central umbrella giving campaign  Well-coordinated moving “parts”  Multi-media: video, social media, content, graphics  Multi-channel: in-branch Point-Of-Sale pinups, social, website  Engaged community multiple times to crowdsource giving  Post-campaign follow-up

Which Strategy? • • • • • One-time Focus on cause/service More “aggressive” marketing Requires high engagement Tangible goal • • • • On-Going Brand/umbrella campaign High coordination Long-term commitment

Where to begin?

Identify the causes that matter most to your members, team, and community. What causes do you already support? What partners do you have or want?

Create a clear strategy and goal, with a relevant time frame. Develop concise, authentic, relatable messaging. Decide how you will measure success

Publicize your efforts. It’s not just nice to toot your own horn; it’s essential when it is part of your brand and value proposition

Build Word-Of-Mouth into your cause marketing strategy. Leverage social media as well as customer reviews, referral programs and incentives. Get constant feedback – do your members like what your doing?

Engage your employees and members in the cause “Help them feel good about themselves, an d give them a story to tell their friends.” - Felicity Guerin, Credit Unions for Kids

Evaluate your impact, engagement  METRICS It‟s all about metrics. Choose which metrics you want to measure Review, analyze, & share results Learn & implement for next campaign

The Lesson  Find the best “strategy fit” for your CU‟s goals  Find causes that “speak” to your members  Leverage multiple channels, voices, partners, media  Engage members & fans across channels  Re-evaluate frequently

Social Media Strategy Webinar: Social Media 101 Social Media 101 for Credit Unions Date: 2/13/2014 Time: 2pm EDT


Thank you Want to learn more? Contact: sandra@cafegive.com

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