Leveraging Your Credit Union's Social Media & Community Programs: Part 1

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Information about Leveraging Your Credit Union's Social Media & Community Programs: Part 1
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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: CafeGiveSocial

Source: slideshare.net


A great social media strategy is a "must" for today's brand interactions, and marketing and new member initiatives. All Credit Unions understand the value of social media, yet very few can cut through the "commotion promotion" and meaningfully connect with new and potential members.

This two-part webinar series helps Credit Unions leverage their community programs in order to stand out, and learn how to use social social media to build deeper connections with members and fans around the causes they love.

Welcome to the Fast-Paced World of Social Media “No longer is it a case of should a credit union be active on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. Now, it has shifted to just how active and on exactly which channels.” - Credit Union Times

CafeGive Social & Credit Unions We deepen connections between credit unions & their affiliates, members, & communities. Enable you to have a positive impact on causes they love, using the power of social media

Your Speaker & CafeGive Social Sandra Morris is a marketing strategist, product specialist, nonprofit board member, and a seasoned speaker on topics including corporate social responsibility, leadership, and social media. Prior to founding CafeGive, her roles including CIO for Intel Corporation and Senior Executive and VP of Consumer Images Services for Kodak.

Leveraging Social Media What’s the best way to use social to build my CU’s brand? On what platforms should we focus? What messages support our goals? How do we turn “fans” into members? How do our community programs fit overall?

Today • • • How to effectively leverage your credit union’s community programs to help you stand out in the sea of opportunity called social media Identify ways to create long-lasting and meaningful connections with fans, followers, and members Specific ideas to: • • • Attract new members & engage current members around the causes they love Drive & promote community engagement Build brand preference for your CU

What We Know Community Programs can help your Credit Union STAND OUT my CU Credit Unions are known for community engagement & member focus Social media offers one of the best opportunities to engage members, create deeper connections, & engage in cause marketing Let’s connect!

By Show of Hands Q How often do you run charitable giving programs? Q How often do you run social media campaigns?

Leveraging Social Media & Community Programs it’s about… REACH & ROI

It’s also all about STRATEGY What’s our goal? How do we make it SMART? What tools do we have? What tools do we need? Who are our partners? What’s our message?

Social Media: GATEWAY TO ENGAGEMENT WITH MEMBERS & CAUSES 62% Global consumers who report using social media to engage with companies around social & environmental issues

Social Media - Lifeblood of Community Connection • Tangible connection with your CU brand • Highly responsive • Member generation potential • A great member insight tool – Listen to members, learn what’s important

AWARENESS GAP 2010 Penn Schoen Berland, Burston Marsteller, Landor



So… where to start?

Strategy Campaign Strategy “Anchor” Strategy

VERITY CREDIT UNION: Roll On Seattle The Strategy Promote new bicycle loan service to members in Pacific NW using social media and promotion.

VERITY CREDIT UNION: Roll On Seattle Campaign Strategy Tool: CafeGive Social’s Photo Contest App Engagement: Promotion - $250 gift card Social Impact - $5 to BikeWorks per photo submitted.

Roll-On Seattle The Results 68% increase in Facebook “Likes” 67 photos submitted by Verity fans & members $335 raised for nonprofit partner BikeWorks Seattle

Roll-On Seattle

Verity Takeaways  Leveraged already strong Facebook presence to build base  Connected service/product promotion (Bike Loans) to community giving  Promotion component: answered “what’s in it for me?”  Verity found a key point of connection with its members: bicycles  Cross-promotion: multi-channel, brand advocates  Visually compelling

BANK OF ANN ARBOR: JumpstARTS The Strategy Crowdsource & expand already successful JumpstARTS school giving program to increase member engagement & advertise CSR using social media.

BANK OF ANN ARBOR: JumpstARTS Campaign Strategy Tool: CafeGive Social’s Voting App Engagement: Incentive: $3,000 to 12 winning K – 12 schools Schools: Advocates for campaign

JumpstARTS The Results 47,300+ votes from customers, community, schools 170,000 users on Facebook saw the campaign 4,000 new likes grew BAA’s sizeable Facebook fanbase by 10%

Bank of Ann Arbor Takeaways

Bank of Ann Arbor Takeaways  Leveraged SUBSTANTIAL social know-how to promote campaign  Cross channel – campaign across multiple channels  Coordinated launch: press releases, connection with schools  Cross-promotion  Follow-up: post-campaign engagement  Connection to CSR

Prometheus Real Estate: POrCH The Strategy Increase employee awareness of and engagement in CSR, and promote community giving externally by leveraging social media and team competition.

Prometheus Real Estate: POrCH Campaign Strategy Tool: CafeGive Social’s Donate App with customized Leaderboard Engagement: Region: Each region acted as campaign & brand advocate Leaderboard: show competition, and promote CSR externally.

POrCH The Results $69,000 raised for 5 charities, against $25,000 goal 5 Regions Actively engaged, 5 charities 10,000+ People engaged in campaign (estimated reach)

POrCH Takeaways

POrCH Takeaways  Leveraged employee base to act as brand advocates  Centered around specific campaign – tailored locally  Coordinated launch: press releases, connection with charities  Leveraged different platforms and media – video, posts, tweets  Follow-up: post-campaign engagement (shared results)  Social can be used to promote CSR internally & externally

It’s all about STRATEGY Campaign Strategy “Anchor” Strategy

The Lesson Find the best “strategy fit” for your CU’s goals Leverage multiple channels, platforms, voices

Developing Your Strategy Some questions 1. What’s your current status on social media marketing? 2. Who currently does your overall marketing & social media marketing? 3. Does your CU have a cause in your community or globally that you care about and support? 4. Do you have a specific giving story or a unique program that you want to share with your community? 5. Is there anyone that you would like to engage or make part of your community impact?

Leveraging Your Social Media Strategy: Part II January 23rd, 2pm EDT • Campaign & “Anchor” Strategies • How to choose the best approach for your CU • CSR & brand loyalty: community programs & data • Examples from Credit Union 1, Adirondack Trust Company Community Fund, & Patelco Credit Union’s highly successful campaigns

Social Media Strategy Webinar: Social Media 101 Social Media 101 for Credit Unions Date: 2/13/2014 Time: 2pm EDT

Thank you Want to learn more? Contact: sandra@cafegive.com

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