Leveraging Volunteer Talent for Organizational Change

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Information about Leveraging Volunteer Talent for Organizational Change

Published on March 19, 2014

Author: volunteermatch

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Beth Steinhorn of JFFixler Group for VolunteerMatch
Organizations are recognizing that the old ways of doing business don’t work in this changing world. The good news is that today’s volunteers are interested in opportunities to help organizations innovate and pilot new ways of doing business. This webinar will explore how to engage volunteers as leaders of change. Learn where your organization is in its lifecycle and gain an appreciation for the importance of innovation in organizational sustainability. The webinar will also feature strategies for supporting volunteers and holding them accountable for change.

VolunteerMatch.org March 19, 2014 Leveraging Volunteer Talent for Organizational Change

Flickr: mckaysavage

Agenda Changing Worlds Volunteers Leading Change Power of Pilots Measuring Progress & Success

Flickr: Hopkinsii Time Technology Economic Challenge Generational Shift Volunteer Engagement Trends

Flickr: scooterroo2002 Four Generations in the Workplace

Flickr: scooterroo2002 Millennials (Generation Y) 1981 – 1999 76 Million Generation X 1965 – 1980 45 Million Baby Boomers 1946 – 1964 80 Million Traditionalists (Greatest and Silent Generation) 1922 – 1945 75 Million

Today’s Volunteers Want to. . . Have Flexibility Use Their Skills Make an Impact Work with Colleagues

Today’s Volunteers Are Motivated By. . . Achievement High-Functioning Teams Extensive Work Experience Efficiency Results

Perfect Storm Economics Demographics Technology Culture

Flickr: Hopkinsii Changes in the Staff Driven Model Results- focused Collaboration Volunteer Engagement Trends

Volunteers Leading Change Flickr: Drubunto

Nonprofit Life Cycle Susan Kenney Stevens, PH.D. Idea Start-up Growth Maturity Decline Turnaround Terminal

Volunteer Management Volunteer Engagement Flickr: lumaxart Changing the Volunteer Management Paradigm

Flickr: lindsey_lissau Volunteers Leading Change Entrepreneurial Self-Directed Skills Based Desire Flexibility & Control

New Staff Roles Cultivator/Talent Scout Facilitator Negotiator Convener Supporter

Don’t do it. Get it done.

From concepts and theories to action and outcomes Flickr: dan zen Power of Pilots

Flickr: dan zen Experiment High risk tolerance Permission to change Managed in increments Power of Pilots

Flickr: Auntie P Needs Assessment

Flickr: iCampbeℓℓ Choose a meaningful place to intervene: • Have potential to create powerful results? • Mitigate or prevent a crisis? • Move an initiative forward? • Solve a problem? • Meet an objective? • Create momentum? What is critical?

Flickr: iCampbeℓℓ Toronto community center Volunteers as Community Investigators What is critical?

Flickr: iCampbeℓℓ New Hampshire Immigrant Community Group Communicating within and across the community What is critical?

Flickr: iCampbeℓℓ Connecticut Hospital Volunteers as Fall Prevention Educators What is critical?

Goals Actions Measures of Success Flickr: The Zion View Pilot Planning and Preparation

New Volunteer Roles Consultant Coach/Mentor Trainer Evaluator Project Manager Team Leader

Whom Do You Want to Cultivate? Volunteers who are ready to move up, and thus move the organization forward, often demonstrate interest, commitment, and leadership. Be attuned to these behaviors.

Goals Actions Measures of Success Flickr: The Zion View Developing Work Plans

Vision Resources Action Yield Initial Impact Sustained Outcome Work Plan Elements

Learning Center Pilot Work Plan Vision Resources Action Yield Initial Impact Sustained Outcome We will provide Learning Centers for youth living in our city’s shelters. Centers will be equipped with computer stations, books (K-12 level), and furniture – tools to narrow the digital divide and mitigate the risk that these children will spend a lifetime in poverty. •Volunteer Task Force •Shelter partners •Supplies (book labels, computer locks) •Training on shelter youth programming and safety •Existing donor history and interests report for cultivation •Board resolution and strategic plan with Learning Center goals •Shelters’ research on current student academic performance Develop position descriptions and recruit and place retired teachers, librarians, etc., for “learning Center Team” Write case statement for potential donors Solicit cash and in-kind donations for books, computers, and furniture Collaborate with shelter partners on Learning Center program integration, grand openings, and media where appropriate Number of learning centers created in 12 months Number of youth served Number of volunteers engaged Youth attitudes toward reading, school, and computers will improve during the time they are staying in the shelter—as measured by the Garfield Attitudinal Survey Youth will choose to read during free time at the shelter at least three times per week, as recorded by the Learning Center logbook (current baseline average is 0 times per week) Students who live for at least one month in shelters with Learning Centers will be promoted to the next grade on time at a 25% higher rate than the current baseline predicts Students aged 12-17 who live for at least one month in shelters with Learning Centers will be only half as likely to drop out of school in the next year as the current baseline predicts Boomer Volunteer Engagement: Collaborate Today; Thrive Tomorrow by Jill Friedman Fixler and Sandy Eichberg

Progress Report Element Description Indicators & Tools Progress, Challenges, & Needs Resources Action Yield Initial Impact Sustained Outcome

Flickr: chapendra What gets done gets measured, what gets measured gets done. - Unknown Getting the Results You Need

Flickr: joiseyshowaa I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is they must change if they are to get better. —George C. Lichtenberg

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