Leveraging Visual Recognition Mobile App for your Business

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Information about Leveraging Visual Recognition Mobile App for your Business

Published on December 28, 2016

Author: paulcook159

Source: authorstream.com

Slide 1: Leveraging Visual Recognition Mobile App for your Business Slide 2: Modern businesses are confronted with the challenge of effective utilization of data, mostly in the form of images, to their best possible advantage. The Watson Visual Recognition Service enables  mobile app development experts  to create applications tailored to your business needs. Slide 3: Visual Recognition By using deep learning algorithms Visual Recognition analyzes images to give insights on your visual content. It provides you with a platform to understand a single image, organize image libraries, and enables you to create custom classifiers for your business-specific needs. Visual Recognition can perform the following tasks with an image: Slide 4: Visual Recognition It can generate the class taxonomy and description. If the image belongs to human beings then it can identify age, gender and celebrity status of the person in the image. It can also detect faces and tag them. It can find images similar to the one provided. Perform optical character recognition Slide 5: Application Of Visual Recognition Across Industries The Visual Recognition service can be used for different applications in the following different industries: Education If you are operating in the education sector then you can get an image-based app developed from a  mobile app development consultancy  and utilize it for educating about taxonomies. You can also find educational material on similar subject by using this app. Slide 6: Insurance With an app tailored to the needs of insurance industry, you can utilize it for processing claims faster. The app will help you to process claims faster by rapid classification of claims into various categories using images. Slide 7: Manufacturing You can ensure that the products are correctly positioned on an assembly line by comparing with images from a manufacturing setting.  Slide 8: Retail With Retailers can invest in a mobile app with visual recognition . Their customers can search for their favourite outfits by using its image and retailers can use that search data to stock those items in their inventory. Slide 9: As already mentioned that this service can be used to tag images, businesses can use it for tagging images and take quick decisions based on it and create consumable data. These were just few use cases . In case, you come out with an idea, get in touch with a  mobile app development service provider  and give wings to your app idea. Originally posted by : https://goo.gl/XvCILH   Slide 10: Interested To Know More About? Mobile App Development Service Provider Mobile App Development Company enterprise mobile application development

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