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Published on January 9, 2008

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Unit 2: Astronomy:  Unit 2: Astronomy Opener:  Opener What do you know about astronomy?:  What do you know about astronomy? KWL Topic: Astronomy:  KWL Topic: Astronomy Astronomy KWL Chart:  Astronomy KWL Chart Astronomy Concept/Question:  Astronomy Concept/Question Concept Question Concept 1 Question 1 Astronomy Definition of astronomy:  Definition of astronomy astro- = star -nomy = a body of knowledge about a specific field of study The study of the stars, Astronomy planets, and outer space. Galileo Name WordArt:  Galileo Name WordArt What do you know about Galilelo?:  What do you know about Galilelo? Galileo Satellite:  Galileo Satellite From: NASA launched a satellite named “Galileo” in 1989. Its mission was to take photos of Jupiter. KWL Topic: Galileo:  KWL Topic: Galileo How to Come Up With Questions:  How to Come Up With Questions Clues, Problems, Wonderings:  Clues, Problems, Wonderings From; From; Clues, Problems, Wonderings:  Clues, Problems, Wonderings What clues do we get from the story to tell us who Galileo is and what makes him famous? When reading, what might be a problem for you? Any words you don’t know? After browsing, what are you wondering about? Galileo KWL Chart:  Galileo KWL Chart Galileo Concept/Question:  Galileo Concept/Question Concept Question Concept 1 Question 1 Galileo Galileo:  Galileo  2004 K.Paulus Fom: Fom: Pisa, Italy Born 1564 Italy:  Italy Pisa What is a biography?:  What is a biography? A biography is written about a real person’s life, by someone else. A biography contains important information about the person’s life. The story includes details about how the person talks, feels, and thinks about things. A biography may span the subject’s life, or it may tell about only an import part of the person’s life. An account that spans the person’s entire life is almost always told in chronological order -- the order in time in which the events occurred. A biography often focuses on the most important events in a person’s life. It usually describes a person’s achievements or talents. A biography is usually written in third person. bio- = life -graphy = writing about a specific subject Vocabulary - Pronunciation:  Vocabulary - Pronunciation ap • pa • ra • tus apparatus ex • tra • or • di • na • ry extraordinary con • stel • la • tion constellation in • ter • ro • ga • tion interrogation ce • les • tial celestial Vocabulary - Definitions:  Vocabulary - Definitions a piece of equipment that has a particular use apparatus extraordinary group of stars that form shapes in the sky constellation questioning interrogation relating to the sky celestial unusual or amazing Unit 2: Astronomy:  Unit 2: Astronomy Page: 102 carriage:  carriage Photograph from the Utah State Historical Society Copyright © 2004 State of Utah From: Padua, Italy:  Padua, Italy professor:  professor From: cylinder:  cylinder lenses:  lenses From: convex and concave lenses:  convex and concave lenses  2004 Lycos, Inc. From: convex concave What is a “Dutch perspective”?:  What is a “Dutch perspective”? What do we know from the story? Makes distant (far away) objects looks close. A man 2 miles away can be seen distinctly (clearly). Described as a “tube” or “cylinder”. Invented by a man from Holland (Dutch) who makes eyeglasses. telescope What is a “Borgo dei Vignali”?:  What is a “Borgo dei Vignali”? What do we know from the story? Galileo’s house is in there. Maybe his house is one of many houses. Town of Vignali quill and ink:  quill and ink From: magnification:  magnification ©2002 From: magnifier pendulum for pulse:  pendulum for pulse  2001 From: Galileo realized the value of pendulum clocks for time keeping. Accurate time keeping helped doctors take correct readings of a person’s pulse. From: Jupiter moons:  Jupiter moons Lawrence Hall of Science | © 2004 | from: Galileo Astronomy Timeline:  Galileo Astronomy Timeline  2001 by The Crimson Bird Book Shoppe, 29 Redmond Way, Stanfordville, NY 12581 USA 1992 - Pope John Paul II acknowledged the Vatican's error in the condemnation of Galileo 1613 - Galileo discovered sunspots 1609 - Galileo built 20X telescope, discovered craters and mountains on the moon 1616 - Galileo called to Rome and ordered to stop supporting the Copernican theory 1638 - Galileo published "Discourses Concerning Two New Sciences", summarizing the principles of mechanics 1633 - The Inquisition denounced Galileo Word Knowledge: C:  Word Knowledge: C carriage (p. 102) mathematics (p. 102) objects (p. 102) close (p. 102) perspectives (p. 102) convex (p. 102) concave (p. 102) precaution (p. 103) cathedral (p. 104) cut (p. 103) cry (p. 103) circles (p. 103) magnification (p. 103) success (p. 103) clambered (p. 104) cathedral (p. 104) telescope (p. 104) could (p. 104) controlled (p. 104) candle (p. 105) catching (p. 105) incredible (p. 105) comparing (p. 105) cold (p. 105) constellation (p. 106) counting (p. 106) cloudy (p. 107) clear (p. 107) crazy (p. 107) course (p. 107) methodical (p. 108) discovered (p. 108) account (p. 108) discussed (p. 108) rocky (p. 109) crescent (p. 109) reflects (p. 109) fact (p. 109) direction (p. 109) Copernicus (p. 109) declare (p. 109) curb (p. 109) exclaimed (p. 109) Catholic (p. 110) unconvinced (p. 110) conclusive (p. 110) elected (p. 110) continued (p. 110) public (p. 110) received cylinders (p. 102) trance (p. 102) distance (p. 102) circles (p. 103) Venice (p. 103) success (p. 103) circling (p. 105) decided (p. 108) excitement (p. 108) face (p. 109) celestial (p. 109) center (p. 109) certainly (p. 109) once (p. 109) unconvinced (p. 110) received (p. 110) /k/ /s/

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