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Information about Level3 Unit5

Published on March 3, 2014

Author: gabitxuingeler

Source: slideshare.net


What are we wearing? Learn describing yourself and your friends.

L3 – U5 – I’M WEARING AFFIRMATIVE SENTENCES I’m wearing a He’s/She’s hat. watch. earrings. shoes. I’m wearing jeans, trainers and a T-shirt. Irati is wearing blue trousers. Izaro is wearing big boots. Jon’s wearing a red belt. Jonathan’s wearing short trousers. Gk’s Pirate Production (copyleft)

L3 – U5 – I’M WEARING NEGATIVE SENTENCES I’m He/She not isn’t wearing a red badge. dress. jeans. glasses. I’m not wearing a hat. Jone isn’t wearing glasses. Leire isn’t wearing a red jacket. Lucia isn’t wearing boots. Gk’s Pirate Production (copyleft)

L3 – U5 – I’M WEARING INTERROGATIVE SENTENCES Are Is a you wearing big he/she two hat jacket ? earrings bracelets SHORT ANSWERS Yes, I am. / No, I’m not. Yes, he-she is. / No, he-she isn’t. Gk’s Pirate Production (copyleft)

L3 – U5 – I’M WEARING Are you wearing a hat? Yes, I am. Is Nekane wearing a red badge? No, she isn’t. Is Oier wearing three earrings? Yes, he is. * I’m = I am **She’s = She is Gk’s Pirate Production (copyleft)

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