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Published on January 18, 2009

Author: doris3m

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World Link : World Link Unit 7: Change Lessons A: Making Changes in your life Lessons B: Plans and Dreams Slide 2: World Link Book 1, Unit 7 Learning Objectives Like to Vs. Would like to Like to = Present I like to visit Los Andes. (it means I enjoy visiting Los Andes) Would like to = future hope or desire I’d like to visit Los Andes (It means I want to visit Los Andes) The future with be going to = plans A: What are you going to do after you graduate? B: I’m going to get a job. A: Are you going to work in Maracaibo? B: no, I’m going to work in another country. Making changes in your life I need a change A: I want to get in shape B: You should join a gym o lose weight. Borrowing things: making and responding to requests A: Can I borrow $ 20? B: sure, here you go. I’m sorry but……. Bad habits I bite my nails I spend too much money I eat a lot of junk food and Bad qualities I’m messy I’m lazy I’m late all the time Plans and Dreams Graduation plans I want to move to NY city My goal is to get a good job I want to take a break an travel Life Time dreams My dream is to be great lawyer My dream is to make films Things to Do and Say Grammar Points to Practice Level 4 Slide 3: 1. What do you think they want to change? Slide 4: 1. What’s one change you want to make? Why? Slide 5: Unit 7 Page 71 2. Do you usually make New Year’s resolutions? What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2009 Slide 6: Unit 7 Page 71 Slide 7: Unit 7 Page 72 Remember…… Lend = give Borrow = get Could is more polite than Can Slide 8: Unit 7 Page 73 Slide 9: 4. What’s something you like to do and something you’d like to do? Unit 7 Page 73 Slide 10: 5. What about you? What are your bad habits and bad qualities? What habits are hard to change? Unit 7 Page 74 Slide 11: Unit 7 Page 75 Slide 12: Unit 7 Page 76 Slide 13: Unit 7 Page 77 Slide 14: Unit 7 Page 78 Slide 15: Unit 7 Page 78 Slide 16: Unit 7 Page 79 Homework! : Homework! Write your own paragraph about your dream. The following questions will help you get ideas on what to write: What’s your dream? What’s your dream about? Write what you like to do and what you‘d like to do. What’s the first step to your dream? When are you going to do it? 1. Post your composition in your blog at the EFL University. You can record your voice and add images. 2. Read your classmates compositions and leave a comment. 3. Take the worldlink quiz for this lesson. 4. Make the internet exercises from the on line worldlink page. And send them to your teacher. 5. Post the results of your quiz and your internet activities in your blog.

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