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Information about LEUKEMIA

Published on March 12, 2014

Author: cheinlen

Source: authorstream.com

LEUKEMIA :  LEUKEMIA By: Cheyenne Heinlen Leukemia is the cancer of the blood. : Leukemia is the cancer of the blood. There are 4 types of leukemia in adults: *acute lymphocytic leukemia *chronic lymphocytic leukemia *acute myeloid leukemia *chronic myeloid leukemia CAUSES :  CAUSES PowerPoint Presentation: Artificial ionizing radiation Viruses like HIV Benzene and some petrochemicals Alkylating chemotherapy in previous cancer Maternal fetal transmission Hair dyes Genetic predisposition Down syndrome Electromagnetic energy About 100,000 men and woman are diagnosed with leukemia each year…: About 100,000 men and woman are diagnosed with leukemia each year… HOW CAN IT BE PREVENTED? : HOW CAN IT BE PREVENTED? PowerPoint Presentation: There is no known way to prevent most types of leukemia, however, some types of leukemia may be prevented by avoiding: high doses of radiation, exposure to the chemical benzene, smoking & other tobacco use, or certain types of chemo therapy. RISK FACTORS : RISK FACTORS *Blood clotting is poor *Affected immune system *Anemia *Nausea *Fever *Chills *Night sweats *Flue like symptoms *Tiredness *Headaches Current treatments.: Synribo Rabbit anti bodies Leukemia patient’s own T-cells Immune cell therapy Current treatments. PowerPoint Presentation: Credits to: American Cancer fund (slide 1) Medical News Today- Christian Nordequist (slides 2, 5, & 6) Cancer Health Centers. (slide 4) National Cancer Institute (slide 3) Google Images

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