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Information about LETTER FROM GRANDMA

Published on August 2, 2009

Author: alexmcmurray

Source: authorstream.com

Slide 1: It’s time to start thinking about the special members of the family that came into this world during the month of August. I do not know what happened to July, it went by so fast that it’s mind boggling. Hi Slide 2: I really need to get on the ball with a lot of major things that I need to get done, like what is the destination of these stacks of things around here. 30 plus character dolls, plus some larger ones. Slide 3: Crafts and supplies for crafts I never got “Around To” a large variety, candle-wick embroidering, fabric painting, beads and a super large variety of craft patterns. I need to admit that I’ll never get around to them all, and thin out the clutter. candle-wick embroidering fabric painting beads Slide 4: Also this pile of papers around here with inspirational thoughts. Life story bits and pieces. Things are so unorganized I do not know where to start, and millions of recipes, on scraps of paper, little booklets, boxes full, a drawer full and I only use the ones stored in my mind. So why do I hang onto all of this stuff in my way. millions of recipes scraps of paper little booklets Slide 5: Unlike my grandmother, I do not often remember where I put the copy of that special thought I would like to share, and spend a lot of time looking for and enjoy reading this or that during the search for what I really wanted. Slide 6: I have 6 more pints of pickled beet on the stove processing, there is about one more canning of small ones out there. The green beans are just starting there were a few about 5 inches long this morning at 7:00 when I pulled the beets. They are almost a days work by the time they cook and cool so you can skin them then get hem ready for the canner and a 30 minute boil. Sure taste good in the winter. Slide 7: The tomatoes are starting to get ripe, we put quite a few cherries away and some rhubarb. And blueberries, the blackberries are all so starting to ripen. And of course the zucchini is going strong, they seem to balloon out every night. Slide 8: It is so hot out right now I’m not going out to do any more in the garden until later, it was almost 100 degrees on the back porch. Bobby bought me a window cooler a couple years ago, I have it at 75 degrees which is ok, much colder than the arthritis in my right shoulder really hurts, of course my electric bill is higher in the summer than the winter because the wood stove does not use much electricity for the fan. Slide 9: I saw Jody and family a while back, he seems to be handling the treatments well, he was involved with the computer so I did not get to talk to him much. He looks good. Their baby had Haily had her first birthday on July 4th, just starting to venture forth upright. All three of them look like Jody with a bit different shade of red hair. Slide 10: Linda Navarette had a sics that was putting pressure on the optic nerve of her left eye, I went over and stayed with Michael and Jose while she had the surgery the 23rd, so Linda could be with Ka Lynn. They were at Church Sunday and she was full of energy as ever with a slight discoloration around her eye. They expected more swelling. She is sure beautiful, it seems our family is blessed with attractive children. Slide 11: I had a different Birthday celebration this year, all the kids were here except Alfred and he called, thank you, that was special to me. I work at Joseph’s Storehouse Food bank in Carlton, stores send items as well as what we get from food drives and other sources, Myrna handed me a cake and said Don’t laugh, it had 2 Nassa cars on it a 17 and a 26, 26 is the car Jaime McMurray drove in 2007 when he won that particular race, I have a picture of him that was in a Ford advertizement magazine the Mike got because when they bought a new Ford pickup a few years ago. Any way there is a remarkable resemblance between Jaime and ‘the Billie I married in 1945’ I know he is a relative but not how. Slide 12: I had better sign off on this, I want to limit it to one page so it wont take very long to read it. I hope all are well and happy and you are enjoying your families, some day I hope to meet my great grand children, I am sharing my birthday picture, I am getting kind of old and grey.

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