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Published on January 28, 2008

Author: gouree

Source: slideshare.net


i spent restless time,i am unwilling to loose the beauty of this memory.send comments so we take it further.


The young man was in a hurry to go back home. But looking around he just wanted to spend some moments with what was happening around, everything looked marvelous and his eyes dared not to move away. With the free play the clouds were exchanging colours – as if painting shapes and images but it was beyond anybody’s power to make sense out of them. The breezing water surface below tried to imitate the play and it was yet another beauty. The breeze should have been colder with Sun about set beyond and the water below, but it was notably warm – he felt he liked feel of it, he also felt the Sun enjoyed,joined by the lake, looking at the colour play of the clouds.

He wanted more of himself to be there, he felt himself to be heavy with no wish to move away as if possessed by what was happening. His blood circulated the warmth of the breeze and his thoughts just evaporated. Unknown to himself his eyes shared rhythm with the entire thinning horizon and above. His mind mirrored what was happening up there, he was beyond things around him and felt nothing but the play where the horizon was moment ago.

All his senses were locked from within. He could not see but could only make it that, though reluctantly, at last the colours are getting tired, surrendering to the gloomier twilight. The only alive thing within him told him that a figure emerged in subtle colours on the lost horizon and it was inviting him to follow it. He needed no will nor movement to follow. He just drawn him out from himself to nowhere.

This is what came to mind when inching towards the much needed sleep. I could not stop entertaining these thoughts nor could sleep. Awaken I felt possessed by the shadowing memory. Who can tell me what will follow. It is one such experience where these thoughts will be confined by my awake being. I have nothing in mind to take it forward with. I request you to put themselves in this situation and build up probabilities to collaborate a creation.

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