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Published on December 17, 2007

Author: pistachio

Source: slideshare.net


Slide deck that supported a talk on presentations at the BNCA (women's architecture college) in Pune, India.

Let’s Talk Success. Laura Fitton Pistachio Consulting Inc. www.PistachioConsulting.com Laura@PistachioConsulting.com 800-747-1941

Vivas What are you afraid of?

Confidence Isn’t in knowing you’re right… It’s not being afraid to be wrong.

Audience + Results = Content.

The “Ah-ha” Moment Aka, What’s the Point? • Get to it • Show, don’t tell • WIIFM You have 30 seconds!

Communication, defined: SENT message message RECEIVED message ACTED UPON

Happy Audience “It’s not about you.”

Happy Audience “It’s not about you.” Always Be • Relevant • Concise • Engaging

Empathy!? • Customer Service. • Customer Service. • Customer Service. • Put stakeholder (client) first • Client has “pain” you can fix – But you won’t get the chance until the client believes you can

Let’s Be Brutal… Your Audience Needs to Understand • Why should I care? • What’s in it for me? • How is this going to make my life better? • Can you solve a problem for me?

Try This at Home You will need: •Your mobile

Strategy 101 Develop ANY Message • WHO is it for? • WHY should they care? • WHAT should they do? • HOW can you show what you mean • WHICH examples or illustrations are most effective? (convincing)

Strategy 201 Use a “Marketing Plan” • Objective. core business goal • Perception. how should they see you? • Target Audience. who must you influence? • Key Message. what should they tell others? • Call to Action. what should audience do?

Audience + Results = Content.

Remember, Be Brutal… Why should I care? What’s in it for me? How does it make my life better?

Develop your Content • WHO is it for • WHY do they care? • WHAT do you want them to do? • HOW can show what you mean • WHICH examples, stories or illustrations are most convincing or interesting or helpful?

What to Include? • What you know: • What they need to: – – – – – – – – – – –

Evaluate According to the CODE: • Concise • Organized • Direct • Effective SIMPLIFY

Think About Your Next Professor Interaction • Audience. (Who will get the message?) • Results. (What needs to happen?) • Contents. (direct, connection between audience & desired results)

What to Include? • What you know: • What they need to: – – – – – – – – – – –

Note to Self • I will seek more information on… • 3 valuable things I learned today… • 1 thing I will DO…

Successful Communicators are Successful People • Audience + results = content • CODE: Concise, Organized, Direct, Effective • SIMPLIFY

About this Deck Laura Fitton is a consultant and speaker who owns Pistachio Consulting, Inc. Follow her at www.Twitter.com/Pistachio. This deck supported a “lecture” on presentations & communications at the BNCA Women’s College of Architecture in Pune, India, Nov. 17, 2007. Some slides intentionally repeated.

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