Let's Take A Look: Leila & Abhijeet Shankel

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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: esmeiolanthe

Source: slideshare.net

For today’s tour, we’re going to have a look around the house of the Leila and Abhijeet Shankel family at 101 Weirdness Row. This house is in the downtown, which is on the Takemizu Village template. This house was created in the unpopulated “rebuilding” ’hood for ease of future rebuilds. The pictures were taken in the new ’hood after the family moved in, and there were a few minor tweaks made after playing a bit: adding a smoke detector and a phone, shifting a statue to fix a routing problem, and the like. Still, this is basically what’s there.

As much of the front of the house as I can fit, closer up and without writing

Orientation shot of the first floor

The backyard potion area (It’s kind of smelly…)

The first floor, ready for potions to be stocked. There are two doors -- one for customers and one for household.

The garden -- left half is functional, right half is not

Orientation shot of the second floor

The second floor

Orientation shot of the third floor

The third floor. The frame now holds a picture of Leila and Abhijeet.

Another shot of the third floor

Orientation shot of fourth floor

Abhijeet’s workroom (the skeleton has been shifted slightly)

The “garage,” a.k.a. where Abhijeet parks his broom

And that’s all I have for you today! Please join me again at an unspecified future date for another tour. Until next time, Happy Simming!

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