Let A Ceiling Leak Not Give You Sleepless Nights

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Information about Let A Ceiling Leak Not Give You Sleepless Nights

Published on January 22, 2020

Author: hengplumbing

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slide 1: Let A Ceiling Leak Not Give You Sleepless Nights Ceiling leak is a problem that is certainly not going to let you sleep peacefully. You dont know when the leak might expand and cause more water to come inside your house. If it is in the office there is nothing more embarrassing than this for a client to come and see. Most people will attribute it to bad maintenance of the office. Whether it is in the office or at home it should be taken care of immediately without letting the situation aggravate. You must find the best way to seal the crack that is causing the leak. If you let it remain like that the crack can expand and damage more of your ceiling. The best ceiling leak fix can be done by an expert plumber. But it makes sense for you to know why the leaks take place and how you can get it fixed in the best manner. slide 2: Know The Reasons For Your Leaky Ceiling There are many reasons why your ceiling is leaking. While some of the leaks may happen over time as water seeps through the ceiling and first creating yellow or brown stains on the ceiling. Sometimes molds can also form at the spot before the water starts leaking through. These signs can tell you that water is seeping through and you need to take action. But in some cases the water can leak through within minutes. It is better to know the reasons for water leaks so that you can fix the cause also while sealing the roof. Plumbing leaks are the major causes of leaks in your ceiling. The caulk in your bathroom wears after a few years and allows water to seep into the walls. This will start dripping away from the ceiling. There could also leakage in the pipe connections. Pipe burst is also another reason why water leaks from your ceiling. Roof leaks can happen due to damaged shingles which will allow water to enter your home. There are some other causes also like leakage of water from appliances. Sometimes this happens only behind and under the appliances which may not be noticed. Only when the water appears at the ceiling is this noticed. Knowing That There Is A Leak In Your Ceiling There are certain obvious signs that water leak is happening. If you can see the water dripping then it is an obvious sign that you cannot avoid seeing. But other signs will be seen before the water starts dripping from the ceiling. Taking note of these signs can help in solving the problem in the early stages without allowing it to spread. One of the obvious signs is peeling paint or plaster. This is a clear sign that water is seeping through your ceiling. There can yellow or brown spots on the ceiling which will tell you that there is moisture inside the ceiling. You might sometimes see mold growing in some parts. This also happens when there is moisture and it should be investigated. Houses with a false ceiling may see the ceiling sag in some parts. This could due to water seepage. When you see these obvious signs it is better to investigate and take necessary action immediately. slide 3: Finding The Best Ceiling Leak Fix For Your Home One of the best ways to fix a leaking ceiling is to use Polyurethane resin to fill the cracks where the leak is happening. There are many advantages of using polyurethane or PU because of its characteristics. It is a resin that is in a fluid state and can easily be injected into the cracks and crevices in the ceiling. It will dry fast once it is injected into the crack. PU will also spread well when injected which means that even the smallest cracks will be filled with PU. When it dries it will seal the crack completely. The time taken for PU to change from liquid to solid is very short. Another advantage of PU is that it retains its elasticity even when it solidifies. This means that even if there is any movement in the area the PU will not break or crack keeping the seal intact. PU expands when it mixes with water. This makes the mixture spread into all the small cracks and fill them up fully completely stopping any signs of leakage. This is what makes PU the best material for sealing cracks in the ceiling that are allowing water to leak through. The ceiling leak is fixed by first drilling a hole in the ceiling and injecting PU through it. The PU fills the crack due to the pressure of the injection and then spread into the crack to fill the space.

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