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Published on June 24, 2009

Author: jason.silverstein

Source: slideshare.net


Prepared for The Charlotte Observer's news intern group as they prepare to continue changing the news business.

Lessons Learned Prepared for Observer News Interns

thanks for inviting me! what i do: I help create, navigate and manage internet products so that people love the services and advertisers love the platform what our company (officially) calls me: Vice President, Interactive Media where to find this presentation or me later: work http://observerinteractive.com office Interactive / Marketing area - 4th floor home http://jasonsilverstein.com

some of where / how learned schools jobs selected projects daily

about this presentation • Not going to be news oriented • Not going to be internet focused • I will draw from both, though • Main point: enjoy your career & colleagues

about you

just being there is such a big part. show up. be present.

to be the best, there must be (repeated) sacrifice...

...but do something you love. it will show.

invest in brute force learning / lmgtfy.com

learn from your mistakes. then, move on.

it’s hard to see yourself as others see you, yet...

...be yourself. it’s a lot easier.

about your colleagues & company

learn as much as you can about the big picture & how everything comes together.

• learn how to give your opinion respectfully... then give it.

relationships ARE business.

know your audience.

treat everyone equally.

“you before me.”

do s omething differ ent. tak e r isks .

rewards are sometimes unexpected.

learn. adjust. repeat.

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