Lessons from Nature: insights from nature to inspire and build a brighter world

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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: tanogutierrezcanovas

Source: slideshare.net


Lessons from Nature is an educative program to allow students to rethink and redesign their future, to enhance world based on prosperity and harmony.

Image:  Rafael  Gershon  Glückstern     Lessons  from  Nature  

Imagen:  John  Beales   Imagen:  NightThree  

Image:  Javier  Hermoso  de  Mendoza  

Natural  systems   Human  systems   Waste  =  Resources   Wastes  =  Toxics   Solar  energy,  local   resources   MulBfuncBonal   Fossil  fuels,  global   resources   MonofuncBonal   Diverse   Monospecific   OpBmize   Maximize  

Bullet  train   Imagen:  Harry  Mitchell  

King  fisher  

Beat,  heat  and  treat:  wasBng  96%  of  the   energy  

Which  chemical  elements  do  we  use?  

How nature works? water cycle Oxygen cycle Carbon cycle Nitrogen cycle

Linear economy (traditional) Circular economy Dispose Take Biological nutrients Technical nutrients Mixture of nutrients Toxics Make living organisms Source:  McDonough  &  Braungart  (2002)  

Cardboard  to  caviar:  the  ABLE  project  

Manure   Sludge   Restaurants   Willows   Heat   Fish  Farm   Organically   -­‐  Sturgeon   enriched   -­‐  Local  fish   water  

Zero-­‐waste  urban  farming:   ‘Biospheric  project’,  ‘Polydome’  &  ‘Bright  farms’  

-­‐  Greenhouse   -­‐  Polyculture   -­‐  Supermarket   -­‐  Restaurant   -­‐  Renewable   engergies  

Biospheric  project  


Nike  Considering   Ford  U   EcociBes  in  China   Puma  InCycle  

Michael  Pawlyn   Janine  Benyus   Michael  Braungart   Gunter  Pauli   William  McDonough   Ellen  MacArthur  

NATURE to build and inspire a brighter USING INSIGHTS FROM future Spanish Team: Juan Diego López Giraldo Enrique Fuster Espinosa Cayetano Gutiérrez Pérez Ángel Silvente Ortega Cayetano Gutiérrez Cánovas Participan: www.lessonsfromnature.org/es

Nature  principles   solar  income,   local  resources   mulTple  benefits   waste=food   opTmize   adaptaTon   diversity   strengthen  

LfN  methodology  

Inspire   Challenge  and  engage  students     Cardboard  to  caviar  /  teams  in  nature  /  zero-­‐waste  economy?     Discover   Discover  nature  principles   -­‐  Why  does  nature  use  a  subset  of  chemical  elements?   -­‐  Why  ecosystems  mostly  rely  on  solar  energy  and  local  resources   -­‐  Why  don’t  exist  bins  in  nature?   Understand   Comparing  natural  and  human  systems   -­‐  How  we/nature  make  stuff   -­‐  How  we/nature  organize  tasks     Apply   -­‐  How  many  kilometers  take  your  food  to   reach  your  house?  What  happen  in  nature?   Applying  insights  from  nature  to  common  problems     -­‐  How  can  we  run  a  farm  without  oil   -­‐  Can  we  redesign  buildings  to  get  more   funcAons?   -­‐  Transport  without  fossil  fuels?   -­‐  How  can  we  produce  zero-­‐waste  clothing  

Muchas  gracias  por  vuestra  atención   www.lessonsfromnature.org  

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