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Published on February 25, 2008

Author: Marco1

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Lessons from Bees:  Lessons from Bees January 11th, 2007 Moulton Hall Ballroom Welcome:  Welcome Food Bathrooms Quiet Signal Scientific Inquiry Agenda Day’s Busy Bee Activities:  Day’s Busy Bee Activities 9:00am Your LC Mission 9:45am Forager & Scout Bees (work; scout) 10:45 am Waggle Time 11:00am Panel Discussion Lunch 1 facilitator from each Learning Community is invited to join Regional Center Team for lunch in Conference room 12:45pm Where we are . . . Where we are going 1:45pm Action Plan- Community Time 2:30pm Your LC gone public 4:00pm End of day; Beginning of Action 2007 OLN sponsored LCS need to submit Case Study Part I by January 25th. Slide4:  September 26th, 2006 Special Guests:  Special Guests Sheryl Hansen, Director, Professional Development Programs, OLN Gail Peters, Regional Coordinator - Northern Ohio, OLN Heather O’Neil, OLN Program Coordinator Denny Taylor, Regional Center Advisory Board Have you heard the buzz?:  Have you heard the buzz? Where are you as a Community?:  Where are you as a Community? Personally & Communally:  Personally & Communally What is your project and the context it is undertaken? What is the end of the LC experience (what is your project) [a.k.a. goals]? What types of institutional support do you have? What support would you like? OLN Communities- what technology is being highlighted? Are we buzzing together?:  Are we buzzing together? OLN Learning Communities Initiative goals (paraphrased by Jeffrey): Project that improves members’ abilities to learn about, gain proficiency with and use pedagogies and learning technologies.  Connect what we know about how people learn with the technologies and pedagogies that best support learner knowledge and proficiency. OLN LC-- Address a campus-endorsed collaborative project that focuses on specific learning about using technology and results in improved learning environments for students.   OLN: Required assessment:  A Community Case Study  “Portraits of Practice: Learning from Experience” and An external assessment of the OLN Learning Community Initiative. Expand the reach of Learning Communities by involving a diversity of individuals, institutions, and partners. Provide effective support to learning communities through the Regional Center support communities of learners as they innovate, experiment, assess, embed, and share new and effective ways of teaching and learning Forums for Learning Communities to share success and projects Website Learning Communities Celebration, Friday, April 20th June 15th Expo September Kick-Off Scout Bees:  Scout Bees Drinks 1 Scout Bee will fly counter clockwise from each hive to share LC Mission & Goals Panel Presentation:  Panel Presentation Where we are . . . Where we are going:  Where we are . . . Where we are going Action Planning:  Action Planning Your Learning Community Gone Public:  Your Learning Community Gone Public 5 minutes to Share with large Group 2 min follow up Thank You for Coming:  Thank You for Coming Please fill out your evaluation, turn it in and the boot will be taken off your car If you’d like to help plan next fall’s Kick-Off we’ll be doing a wrap up of today and start planning for September at 4:20. We’ll look forward to seeing Part I of your Portrait of Practice by January 26th. See you in June at the Expo

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