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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: sangtiantian

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现在 日期 题目 2014年1月29日 春节Chūn​jié​​ Copy the date and title in your notebook. Make sure that you commented in red after my green comments. Your papers are stuck in. 春节Chūn​jié​​

Mantra 好好学习 天天向上 春节Chūn​jié​​

日期 题目 目标 2014年1月29日 春节Chūn​jié​​ *Know: about the tradition of New Year. *Be able to: plan for the carousel. Research the vocabulary. *So that: you can teach or organise the activities for Friday afternoon and win the prize. 到期 下个星期 作业 (1)Vocabulary: Revise the vocabulary for the exam. (2)Learn and practice your speaking assessment. 春节Chūn​jié​​

相连xinglián connection 春节快乐! Chūn​jié​kuài​lè​ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noiouIzjJZE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyB58HSSpCU 春节Chūn​jié​​

十二生肖 shíèrshēngxiào HT2_Week4_Lesson3_Chinese_zodiac

激活jīhuó activation 春节的活动 (huó​dòng​ activity) 计划 (jì​huà proramme)​ - 武术 (wǔ​shù martial art)​ - … 教 (jiāo​ to teach) 春节Chūn​jié​​

Football=1 Students Harrland Phillip Miles Jai Jermaine Joshua Samina, Haanan Instructions Students in your teams, take it in turns to be blindfolded. The aim is to score a goal with the help of the instructions from your team mates. They will be giving you directions in Chinese. Straight-ahead, left, right, backwards, kick. Every time you speak English, you will have to start again. Listen to your Chinese helpers and you will learn all the directions in Mandarin. One goal equals one point. Material ball, goals, blindfolder,​ paper, pen. 春节Chūn​jié​

basketball=2 Chinese Students Instructions Material Nicole Solander Joshua (Chukwuka) Tariq Deshanay Chinese students will ask you questions about China. Each time you get a question right, you will have a chance to score at basket. One basket equals one point. basket ball, quiz, paper, pen 春节Chūn​jié​​

Chinese Students obstacles=3 Instructions Tyrell Kailan Tee Mimshaan Bryanne Dahir Your aim is to carry the "ball" through the obstacle course and back to your team. You must carry it in an authentic Chinese manner, using your chopsticks. Each time you drop the "ball", you must start again. It is a relay and you will get a point for every lap completed. Material timer, paper, pen 春节Chūn​jié​​

cutting=4 Chinese Students Instructions Material Jabed Priscilla Lucy Yee Lin Emma Your task is to create a Chinese lanterns like the example. For the first 5 minutes you will not have any instructions from the Chinese students. You will marked as a group out of 10 for the quality and quantity of your lanterns. colour spot, sellotape, board of winners, paper, pen 春节Chūn​jié​​

twister=5 Chinese Students Instructions Material Darnelle Zubair Precious Harry Roxana - Isabella The first five minutes you will be learning the colours from the "Chinese students". You will then play a game of twister. The Chinese students will take it in turns to call a colour. You must then put one part of your body on that colour. You start with 20 points, every time you pick the wrong colour or fall over, you lose a point. paper in different colours, scissors, examples of paper cut, paper, pen 春节Chūn​jié​​

theatre=6 Teacher Ben Sheppard, Beth Prosser, PE teachers Chinese Students Alieka Anoushka Riordan Dominique Navien Rocha Jheniffer Adam Tangil Ronaldo Sulayman Tyra-Nicole Vyara Anna Instructions You need to divide the Year 5 in teams of 5 or 6. Each team will also have 2 Year 7. Your aim is to teach the Year 5 a play about the race of animals from the Chinese Zodiac. The play must be in Chinese. At the end of the lesson, you will perform you play for the class. 春节Chūn​jié​​

taichi=7 Chinese Students Instructions Material Abdirahim Shakera Famade Ikram Ayman Chinese students will teach you a variety of taichi movements. You will then have to reproduce these movements. You will be scored out of 10 for the overall quality of your taichi. pen, paper 春节Chūn​jié​​

rap=8 Chinese Students Instructions Courtney Rose Md Sufyaan Bin Parag Hana We are looking for creativity, charisma, team work and quality of Mandarin. The "Chinese students" will teach you the numbers 1-10. Your task is to create an exciting and accurate rap. You will be scored out of 10 for your final performance. Material pen, paper 春节Chūn​jié​​

body=9 Chinese Students Instructions Material Imaania Imran Joel Mhd Humza Aatia "Chinese students" will teach you the parts of the body in Mandarin. Pay attention because you will then play a game of Chinese Simon says. You will start with 20 points as a team and each time you make a mistake, you will lose a point. pen, paper 春节Chūn​jié​​

Instructions build the Great Wall=10 Malaika Shah Mohammed Abdullah Can you see the Great Wall of china from space? Your task is to recreate the famous Great Wall of China using only marshmallows and spaghettis. Your will be scored out of 10 on the height, length, strength and beauty of your wall. Material spaghettis, marshmallows, pen, paper Chinese Students 春节Chūn​jié​​

dance=11 Chinese Students Instructions Material Amirah Aabidur Diyora Ibrahim Coral, Uwais, Baris The "chinese students" will teach you traditional Chinese dance with fans. You will be scored out of 10 for your final performance. We are looking for style, balance and "je ne sais quoi." fans, pen, paper 春节Chūn​jié​​

Chinese Students Instructions camera (wo)men=12 Mohammod Olivia Dylan Skye Kamran Madeleine Masawaleh Haji Hanaan Adedayo We are looking for the best photos that sums up Chinese New Year. The winning photo will be displayed in the atrium and all publications this month at Chobham Academy. 春节Chūn​jié​​

示范shìfàn demonstration 春节的活动 (huó​dòng​ activity) 谁 (shéi​ who)? 什么 (shén​me​ what)? 1. Material needed: ………………………………………… 2. Vocabulary needed:……………………………………………. 3. Role for each person: …………………………………………………… 4. Notes on what seen on the Internet: …………………………………………………… 春节Chūn​jié​​

日期 题目 2014年1月28日 春节Chūn​jié​​ 目标 *Know: about the Chinese dumplings tradition. *Be able to: know about the Spring tradition in China. *So that: you can participate in the Chinese festival. 到期 下个星期 作业 (1)Vocabulary: Revise the vocabulary for the exam. (2)Learn and practice your speaking assessment. 春节Chūn​jié​​

巩固gǒnggù consolidation 1. What is the Spring festival? When will it take place this year? 2. Give 3 words in Chinese that you learnt today. 3. What have you planned to teach on Friday? Which material do you need? Write a list in your planner. 春节Chūn​jié​​

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