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Published on April 30, 2008

Author: Stella

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Lesson Three:  Lesson Three Step One: Listen to This I☺:  Step One: Listen to This I☺ (I) Vocabulary and Language points spill: to (cause to) pour out accidentally, as over the edge of a container, and be lost (不小心地)溢出,(使)洒出 e.g. My hand slipped and spilt my drink(=made my drink spill) heaven: sometimes pl. esp. in expressions of surprise. Good heavens:天哪=My God Slide3:  launderette: a place where the public may wash their clothes in machines that work when coins are put in them.自助洗衣店 care for: to like e.g. I don't really care for tea; I like coffee better. competition: a test of strength, skill, ability, ect. Slide4:  memory: (an) ability to remember events and experience. e.g. I have some wonderful memories. break the record:打破记录 →保持记录 hold/keep the record →创造记录 establish/set/make a record → World record holder Liu Xiang of China wasted no time in declaring that he would set a new world record in his event. Slide5:  →"I promise that I will break the world record some day and keep the record for China forever." enter for: to put the name (of oneself or another) on a list for 报名;登记 e.g. John entered (himself) for the examination. polish: to make or become smooth and shiny by continual rubbing 擦亮 e.g. Polish your shoes with a brush. Step Two: Speaking Practice☺:  Step Two: Speaking Practice☺ Two topics for discussion: (1) About Olympics: →What is the slogan of Beijing Olympic Games Organizing Committee? →What are the themes of the 29th Beijing Olympic Games in 2008? Slide7:  2) What do you think of the Proverb "Every coin has two side". It is a fit description for Sally's experience? Slide8:  Related Information to the first topic. →Distinguishing Features of the 29th Beijing Olympic Game: The features refer to Chinese style, cultural splendor, contemporary spirits and mass participation .The Beijing Olympic Games will be a perfect occasion to fully display China's 5,000-year history and its resplendent culture, a grand ceremony that will gather athletes from all over the world and present diverse and brilliant cultures. Slide9:  The Beijing Olympic Games will fully express the common aspiration of the Chinese people to jointly seek peace, development and common progress together with the peoples of the world, and it will highlight the fact that the 1.3 billion Chinese people of 56 ethnic groups, along with 50 million overseas Chinese, are all most enthusiastic participants in the Beijing Olympic Games. Step Three: Short plays☺ :  Step Three: Short plays☺ (I) Vocabulary →Short play A: 1. no use doing sth. 做什么都是徒劳的。 (It's )no use arguing with him.和他吵架是徒劳的 我们还可以把这个句型补充完整 (It's )no use (for sb.)doing sth. Slide11:  a shadow of sth.在什么阴影下 其实翻译的时候不用这么生搬硬套的 在什么阴影下,不就是笼罩在什么气氛下吗?比如,我们说“a shadow of doubt”就是说有点可疑,那么a shadow of old age就是老态龙钟 Slide12:  head 朝向 head不止可以用作名词,还可以作动词。这个词很注重方向性的头朝向的方向,自然就是你要去的方向。我们可以用head south , head north We're heading home.(我们正朝着家走。) Slide13:  →Short play B: 1 -in case (of)万一 Take a hat with you in case the sun is very hot. 倘若太阳很利害,你就把帽子戴上。有一个容易混淆的短语要记住 in the case of 就...来说, 关于 Slide14:  2 -speaking of 谈及, 说到。常常在口语中用来转移话题 Speak of angels, and you will hear their wings.(说到曹操, 曹操就到。) 3 -spear their ears, mash their brains 戳烂他们的耳朵,敲烂他们的脑袋。 spear这里是动词 Slide15:  (II) Process Ask the students to watch the video three times to fill in the missing sentences; The teacher check the answers; Slide16:  Let the students watch the short play again and do some note-taking, and then ask some students to tell its main idea; Let the students watch the performance between the two detectives and Tintin carefully twice and role-play.

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