Lesson: quantities and supply (worksheet)

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Published on October 15, 2014

Author: krulynn

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This worksheet is about making things and discussing about the things needed to make something.

1. SCHOOL: ______________________________________________ Name: __________________ No. ______ Prathom: 6 / ___ Date: ___________ Topic: Quantities and Supplies 1. Vocabulary al 1 ½ ¼ a cup a half cup a quarter cup a tablespoon a teaspoon a drop Using the vocabulary, create 6 sentences; 1. _________________________ of _________________________. 2. _________________________ of _________________________. 3. _________________________ of _________________________. 4. _________________________ of _________________________. 5. _________________________ of _________________________. 6. _________________________ of _________________________. flour water salt cooking oil baking soda food coloring IES Language Center Page 1 Prepared by: Ms. Rodelyn Cenabre Virador

2. Draw a picture of a classroom; Draw the following; · 3 aprons · 6 toothpicks · 3 paper clips · 4 sheets of cardboard · 2 rolls of masking tape · 1 bowl of modeling clay Answer the questions in full sentences; 1. How many aprons are in the picture? _____________________________________________________________________. 2. How many paper clips are in the picture? _____________________________________________________________________. 3. How many rolls of masking tape are in the picture? _____________________________________________________________________. 4. How many sheets of cardboard are in the picture? IES Language Center Page 2 Prepared by: Ms. Rodelyn Cenabre Virador

3. _____________________________________________________________________. 2.Pronunciation /S/ /Z/ Oranges Cups Aprons Toothpicks Ingredients Eggs 3.Conversation Practice the conversation in pairs; Zero Puzzle Zebra Buzz Zink Jazz A: I’m baking a cake today. B: Do you have enough eggs? A: Yes, I do, I have a lot of eggs. I need 3 cups of flour. B: Do you need a teaspoon of salt, too? A: Yes, I need a little salt. IES Language Center Page 3 Prepared by: Ms. Rodelyn Cenabre Virador

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