Lesson 9: Shop Smart - "What are you going to sell?" / "I'd call the store!"

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Published on September 26, 2014

Author: JustinTram

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Today’s Expressions What are you going to sell?  I’d call the store

What are you going to

A new phone! $1 !!

What are you going to

A new tennis racquet! $1 !!

What are you going to

Video games $1 !!

Script 1

I’d call the store!

My computer is broken… …I’d call the store

My car is broken… I’d call the store

My arm is broken! I’d call the …?

Script 2

What are you going to sell? On the back of your sheets, draw something you would like to sell. 1) Whatever it is, it will cost $1 2) Make sure to colour it! 3) In your groups of 4, collect the items together.

 2 students will go buy products while the other students will stay and sell.  Each group will be given $3 to spend. ALL $3 must be spent!

What are you going to sell?

Auction A place where people may bid for items.

Auctio n

Role play Each group will be given a dialogue and they are to act it out.

The Annoying Salesperson Salesperson: Hi there, how are you? Husband: Good, I’m just looking around. Wife: Yeah, we don’t need help. Salesperson: I think you would love these shoes! Wife: What are you trying to sell? Salesperson: Shoes! Son: Can you please just leave us alone?

The Cashier trying to sell you a HomePlus Card Cashier: Would you like to buy our Home Plus card? Husband: No, thank you. Wife: We have too many cards. Customer behind the Husband: Can you please hurry up? Cashier: But this card gets you a lot of— Husband: Ma’am, stop. I just want to go home.

Angry Customer Son: Mom, dad, my computer doesn’t work. Dad: I’d call the store. Mom: Good idea babe. *ring ring* Representative: Hello, you called Sony. Son: MY COMPUTER IS BROKEN AGAIN! COME FIX IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Angry Cashier Cashier: Hi. Husband: Wow, that was cold. Having a bad day? Cashier: Don’t talk to me. Just pay me. Wife: Wow, you are a bad cashier. I’d call the store owner. Cashier: Go ahead. I want to get fired. Son: Mom, I think the Cashier is crazy.

British Council Activity  http://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en/britain-great/ shopping-great-part-1  Watch video  Answer the questions!

Wrap up 1) What are the two phrases we learned today? 2) Checklist of 5 items 3) Student of the class

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