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Published on March 17, 2009

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Coastal resort Rebranding : Coastal resort Rebranding Understand that traditional British seaside resorts were in their prime in the 1950s and 1960s Explain why resorts such as Walton-on-the-naze declined Explain why traditional seaside resorts have a cycle of poverty Identify the advantages and disadvantages of the options Walton-on-the-Naze has to rebrand itself Assess which rebranding options would work best for Walton-on-the-Naze Research the rebranding of a coastal resort for presentation Starter : Starter Produce a mind map outlining the reasons for the decline of the traditional seaside resort Should have a few ideas : Should have a few ideas Longer holidays Higher incomes Increased car ownership Cheaper overseas travel Introduction of package holidays Class discussion time : Class discussion time What evidence would we look for that a resort needs rebranding How long have Britains seaside resort been around? What is the conclusion of the interview regarding how Britains Seaside towns can regenerate? Download the file from the Moodle link and highlight the ways in which Margate has tried to rebrand itself. What is the role of Architecture? Multiple Deprivation : Multiple Deprivation Notice that many of the most deprived wards in England are found in coastal areas. Can you name any of them.? Slide 6: Evidence of deprivation in Coastal resorts Think about what you have learnt so far about rebranding. How could these places be rebranded for the twenty-first century? : Think about what you have learnt so far about rebranding. How could these places be rebranded for the twenty-first century? Slide 10: Exploration: A small number of tourists explore a new location, for personal adventure. Involvement: Acceptance by the locals increases then the destination becomes more popular. Travel and accommodation facilities are improved. Development: Local people become more involved and the area becomes established as a tourist destination, with a defined market. Package holidays begin. Consolidation: Tourism has become an important economic and social activity. Resentment occurs. Numbers of tourists continue to rise but rate of increase slows down. Stagnation: Increased local opposition to tourism, plus a growing awareness of environmental, social and economic problems, prevents further growth. Rejuvenation: A secondary growth spurt brought about by a new impetus. Model of tourism development Slide 11: Places culture at the heart of regenerating England’s seaside resorts by investing in arts, public space, cultural assets and heritage projects. Sea Change aims: To drive cultural and creative regeneration and economic growth in seaside resorts To fund inspiring, creative and innovative projects, To bring a sense of pride, enjoyment and celebration to resorts This is a new initiative started last year aimed at 12 specific coastal resorts. However a number of resorts have already tried to rebrand themselves in different ways. Some have concentrated on culture and others have gone for more of a youth market e.g. Newquay in Cornwall, or have even gone for the older market of retirees. The Government response to assist Rejuvenation Choices , Choices : Choices , Choices We will be travelling to the lovely seaside resort of Walton on the Naze which is desperately in need of a rebrand. Lets get some evidence first Slide 14: Before Slide 15: After Task : Task There are several options open to Walton to rebrand itself- produce a cost benefit analysis of each option to identify which would be the best and why. You will do this in pairs for each one – 5 mins then present. Slide 17: New Commuter Housing Expand the town and renovate the older property Why Costs Benefits The Sunshine Coast Upgrade Walton on the Naze’s tourist image and encourage more visitors Why Costs Benefits Gentrification A rebrand to attract a different socio-economic group Why: Costs Benefits Environmental Value Rebrand Walton on the Naze on the basis of Environmental Quality Why Costs Benefits Flagship Development Attract the Casino market and create a new gambling hotspot Why: Costs Benefits Retirement Centre Rebrand the retirement market and focus on the over 60s as the core population Why Cost Benefit Festival Town Attract the festival and conference market, with special events through the year Why Costs Benefits Slide 18: After hearing them all, write which 2 you would recommend for Walton giving reasons. Plenary questions. : Plenary questions. Seaside resorts often suffer serious problems of homelessness and poverty during the winter months. Why do you think this is? What factors might mean that resorts may find it too hard to regenerate and rebrand.? Virtual Fieldwork homework : Virtual Fieldwork homework One of the research and fieldwork opportunities relates to what might be done on a trip to a Coastal resort. Your homework is to create a case study of one coastal resort in which you will evaluate the rebranding being done. See the link to the syllabus below. How to do it : How to do it Use either a powerpoint, a movie or a newspaper article. 1. Location and the growth of the resort 2. Decline and evidence for the need to rebrand. (get figures of multiple deprivation etc) 3. Rebranding Strategies 4. Evidence for success 5. Possible hindrances to success.

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