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Published on October 21, 2008

Author: doris3m

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Slide 1: New Interchange 2 Level V Msc. Doris de Martins Sure. No problem! : Sure. No problem! Complaints Household chores Requests Excuses Apologies Two-part verbs Please, turn down the music Please, turn the music down Please, turn it down Will responding to request Ok, I’ll turn it down Request with modals Can you turn the stereo down? Would you mind turning the stereo down? Slide 4: Words... Answer the following questions What’s Jason doing right now? What does Jason’s father ask him to do? What’s Lisa doing? What does Lisa’s mother ask her to do? answers : answers Dramatize a conversation : Dramatize a conversation Get in groups of 4 students Write a conversation in two or three scenes. Make sure to use: Complaints My parents nag about chores and homework. Kids don’t help around the house Make requests Turn down the TV Can you turn down the TV? Would you mind turning down the TV? Apologize and give an excuse, admit a mistake, make an offer or make a promise. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize. I forgot I left it on. Silly me. I’ll turn it down right away. Record your conversation and make a video or a PowerPoint presentation with photos and speech bubbles.

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