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Published on November 17, 2008

Author: thomas.procopio



Lesson 6Part 2 : Lesson 6Part 2 Theories of Deviance Justifications for Punishment Theories of Deviance : Theories of Deviance Functionalism: Durkheim : There will always be something that is objectionable to someone. Deviance is a necessary element of society Functions of Deviance Affirms cultural values and norms Establishes moral boundaries Unites a group Encourages social change-civil disobedience/post conventional morality Functionalism: Durkheim Robert Merton: Strain Theory : American Dream: idea/image that achievement and success are linked to material wealth; becomes a cultural imperative Goal-Means Gap: strain results when people are not provided with the legitimate means to achieve the goal (American Dream); results in frustration Robert Merton: Strain Theory Robert Agnew: General Strain Theory (GST) : Strain is not limited to the lower class. Strain can result from: Others preventing you from getting something you want or from achieving goals Losing or fearing we will lose something we already have and like Presenting or threatening to give us something we don’t like or want. Robert Agnew: General Strain Theory (GST) Learning Theory: Edwin Sutherland : Differential Association Theory: a person’s tendency toward conformity or deviance depends on the amount of contact with others who encourage or reject conventional behavior. Does one associate with those that hold deviant values? (attitude) Does one associate with those that possess deviant ability ? (aptitude) Learning Theory: Edwin Sutherland Labeling Theory: Symbolic-Interactionism : 1. The same behavior may be viewed in different ways in different places(cock fighting) = Deviance is at least somewhat relative to culture/society. 2. Stigma: negative social label that changes a person’s self-concept and social identity. Once a thief, always a thief/ Self-fulfilling prophecy. Cooley: looking-glass self Labeling Theory: Symbolic-Interactionism Social-Conflict Analysis : Who or what is labeled “deviant” depends on who holds power in a society (crack/cocaine). Alexander Liazos 1. All norms and laws reflect the interests of the rich and powerful 2. The powerful have the resources to resist deviant labels 3. The belief that norms and laws are always good/moral is a mistake (post conventional morality/slavery). Social-Conflict Analysis Social Control:Punishment : Social Control:Punishment Slide 11: RETRIBUTION MORAL VENGEANCE INFLICTED DETERRENCE DISCOURAGE FUTURE DEVIANCE Specific deterrence General deterrence REHABILITATION REFORM OFFENDERS WHILE IN PRISON SOCIETAL PROTECTION TEMPORARY REMOVAL OF OFFENDER THROUGH INCARCERATION PERMANENT REMOVAL BY DEATH

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