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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: tbclearning

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Planning Organising 4 roles of Management Leading Controlling

Planning is… Setting objectives and how to achieve them Planning

Organising is… arranging resources to achieve the businesses goal Organising

Leading is… influencing people to work towards achieving set objectives Leading

Controlling is… evaluating and modifying tasks to ensure set objectives are being achieved Controlling

MANAGERS AS PLANNERS •  Planning is the preparation of actions in response to stimulus. •  Planning is carried out at all levels, the type of planning will depend on the responsibilities of the manager. •  Planning is the process of deciding where a team, department or whole organisation should be heading and how it intends to get there. Planning

Planning can exist at three levels Strategic (<5years) Tactical (3 – 5years) Operational (daily > year) Planning


MANAGERS AS ORGANISERS •  Organising is putting actions and resources to work to achieve set goals established at the planning stage. •  Determining the flow of actions (work) •  Determining the human resources required •  Allocating human and capital resources •  Delegating roles and responsibilities and co-ordinating the resources of the firm •  Allocating or researching capital requirements Organising

MANAGERS AS LEADERS •  Leading, motivating and directing employees is the most obvious of roles. •  Yet the most open to interpretation. How do we lead? •  This touches on ‘Styles of management” as well as theories. •  From Henri Fayol with Four clear roles to Mintzberg with his interpersonal, informational and decision making roles. “Management is a difficult and demanding job, the hours are long, interruptions frequent and many conflicting interests have to be dealt with each day.” Leading

MANAGERS AS CONTROLLERS Controlling is more a monitoring role, where performance and estimates are matched up and new plans set. •  Performance estimate are set (goals) •  Measures are put in place to determine effectiveness (tests checks) •  Roles and activities are reviewed to ensure goals can be met Controlling

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