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Published on November 17, 2008

Author: thomas.procopio

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Lesson 4 Socialization : Lesson 4 Socialization Corresponding Quiz – 4 Corresponding Test – 2 Corresponding Chapter – 5 Additional reading assignment – Pp. 334 – 336 – Gender and socialization Pp. 116 – 124 – these pages are not covered in the slide show lesson 4 Goals : lesson 4 Goals To understand some of the theoretical approaches to socialization To examine the various agents of socialization To be able to describe resocialization as it pertains to total institutions Socialization : Socialization The lifelong social experiences by which individuals develop their human potential and learn culture Everything we learn from others throughout our lives which makes us who we are The Nature/Nurture Debate : The Nature/Nurture Debate How much of who we are are we born with v. how much of our makeup is learned. Both play a role (continuum example). Socialization refers to the nurture side - what we learn. Agents of Socialization : Agents of Socialization How and where are we are taught the things that our society/culture needs us to learn? 1. Family – Language, right from wrong, how to interact with others, religion, gender roles. 1st agent that influences us, and for many of us our family continues to influence us throughout our lives. Econ. Status differences in the family. Blue-collar homes = more rigid rules/physical punishment – teach obedience and conformity. White-collar families = more flexible rules/less severe punishment – good judgment/creativity are more important values. Agents of Socialization : Agents of Socialization 2. Peers –Our peers influence us throughout our lives, but the influence and importance of peers is greater at a certain age. 3. School – Teaches us an overt curriculum (academic skills) , but there is also a hidden (covert) curriculum. Competition – grades, spelling, sports. Your society is morally good and just. How to get along in a bureaucracy – obey rules and follow schedules. Gender roles – proper behavior for boys v. girls. Agents of Socialization : Agents of Socialization 4. Mass Media – Television, films, radio, newspapers, magazines, internet. This can be powerful because you get a repeated message that reaches a vast audience. Spin in the media – slanting a story, using particular language to pass along information. Does spin alter reality? Spin : Spin Prof. Lutz (Rutgers University). Studied the language military officers used when addressing the mass media. Coercive potential/suppressing assets/area denial weapons/incontinent ordinance. Does this alter our perception of reality and war? Why would the military use these types of words? Spin : Spin Does this language convey reality or alter it? Certainly the type of language used through the mass media does have an influence on perception.

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