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Published on October 15, 2007

Author: Lucianna

Source: authorstream.com

Lesson 4: Creation Apologetics:  Lesson 4: Creation Apologetics Slide2:  taken by faith Slide4:  evidence I. The Law of Biogenesis:  I. The Law of Biogenesis Slide6:  Life life Slide8:  planet Slide9:  scientific II. The Laws of Probability:  II. The Laws of Probability Uno Deck:  Uno Deck Uno Deck Dice and Coin:  Dice and Coin Dice and Coin Slide14:  chance design Slide15:  head Slide16:  head 1/12 Slide17:  Multiplication bucket of disks:  bucket of disks bucket of disks Slide19:  10 billion Slide21:  2723 Slide22:  (8.3x1032) Slide23:  5 billion five Slide24:  10150 Slide25:  103,000,000 Slide26:  Conclusion: Evolution contradicts the laws of probability. Application::  Application:

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