Lesson 3 corporate culture and its development

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Information about Lesson 3 corporate culture and its development

Published on March 9, 2014

Author: tbclearning

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Corporate Culture and its development

Corporate culture is the shared values or beliefs of the people within an organisation. It is the unwritten rules. The official culture is stated in the company motto or mission statement, while the real culture reflects how things actually operate

Elements of a corporate culture Values Symbols Rituals, rites and celebrations Heroes

Indicators of corporate culture Communication channels: Are they formal or informal? Dress code: What are the dress requirements? Formal, casual or a uniform? Are their ‘casual fridays’ when staff are allowed to relax the dress code for the day. Their willingness to achieve: Some workplaces have a culture of trying as hard as possible to be the best in their field Socialisation: Do the staff mingle? Do they get along with each other? Do they Celebrate birthdays or Christmas parties

Causes of change of culture New manager: A new manager with a different approach may cause great changes (either positive or negative) New employees: Employees can affect the culture of an organisation in different ways. Mergers: with other businesses could severely impact on corporate culture. Macro factors: Laws, economics conditions and so on may also change the culture of LSO

Importance of corporate culture Better staff retention Attractive to new employees, allowing the firm to select from the best in the field Greater productivity and more success for the LSO

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