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Published on October 30, 2007

Author: Chyou

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The Life of the Apostle Paul:  The Life of the Apostle Paul Lesson 20 Paul Before Agrippa Review:  Review Paul and his accusers appear before Felix, but no verdict is reached Felix leaves Paul in prison for two years, hoping to receive a bribe Felix is recalled to Rome and is replaced by Festus The Jews ask Festus to hand Paul over to them Paul appeals to Caesar to prevent that from happening A Notable Visitor:  A Notable Visitor Read Acts 25:13 Who is King Agrippa? Last of the long line of Herods in the NT Intermarriage, intrigue and incest “The Herod Family Tree doesn’t have many branches.” Dr. Mike Parker Long history of interaction with Jesus Christ and his disciples The House of Herod:  The House of Herod Antipater - Founding Father:  Antipater - Founding Father Antipater the Idumean (Edomite) An official in the Hasmonean Dynasty, the Jewish kingdom resulting from the Maccabean revolt Established good relationship with Rome, which appointed him procurator of Judea Founder of the Herodian Dynasty Shrewd and seditious Father of Herod the Great Herod the Great (73-4 BC):  Herod the Great (73-4 BC) Named king of Judea by the Romans in 39 BC Considered himself “King of the Jews” Politically shrewd Tried to kill Jesus a child Rebuilt the Temple Died an excruciating death, thought to be chronic kidney disease complicated by Fournier's gangrene Herod Archelaus:  Herod Archelaus Reigned over a portion of his father’s kingdom as “ethnarch” (national leader) Territory included Judea Was the reason that Joseph and Mary went to Galilee And settled in Nazareth Deemed incompetent by Rome and replaced Herod Antipas:  Herod Antipas Tetrarch over ¼ of Herod’s kingdom Put John the Baptist in prison (Luke 3:19) Jesus called him a “fox” (Luke 13:31-33) Married to Herodias Ex-wife of his half-brother (Herod II) His niece; daughter of half-brother (Aristobulus) Executed John the Baptist at the request of his step-daughter (and half-niece), Salome (Matt 14:3-11) Participated in Jesus’ trial (Luke 23:6-12) Herod Agrippa I:  Herod Agrippa I Grandson of Herod the Great Ruled in Palestine from 37-44 AD Last of the Herod lineage to rule over the united Jewish territories Close friend of Emperor Caligula Set himself up as a god and was eaten by worms (Acts 12:19b-23) Herod Agrippa II:  Herod Agrippa II Marcus Julius Agrippa, son of Herod Agrippa I, great-grandson of Herod the Great Ruled from 50-93 AD Kingdom did not include Jerusalem But spent time there, as well as Caesarea Administrator of the Temple in Jerusalem Agrippa in Caesarea:  Agrippa in Caesarea Why would Agrippa be in Caesarea? Herod the Great built a magnificent palace and numerous other works there Port, theater, etc. Agrippa I died there Agrippa II maintained a residence there Possibly a vacation home on the Mediterranean? Festus Discusses the Case:  Festus Discusses the Case Read Acts 25:14-22 How does Festus summarize the case? Held over from Felix Charges not what I expected Disputes about the Law and a man named Jesus Paul appealed to Caesar Why discuss the case with Agrippa? Agrippa’s response? Why would Agrippa want to hear Paul? Paul Before Agrippa:  Paul Before Agrippa Read Acts 25:23-27 Who joins Agrippa in meeting with Paul? Who was Bernice? His sister, with whom he had an incestuous relationship Given his oversight of the Temple, a rather scandalous affair According to Festus’ address, what is the purpose of this hearing? Paul’s Discourse:  Paul’s Discourse Read Acts 26:1-3 How does Paul begin his address? Why would Paul feel fortunate? Why would Agrippa be familiar with all of the Jewish “customs and controversies”? What would Paul hope to gain from this hearing? Paul Continues:  Paul Continues Read Acts 26:4-32 Why would Paul stress his Jewish upbringing? How can he expect his audience to believe in the resurrection? Why stress his prior persecution of the Way? Why does he recount his conversion in such detail? Festus Has Enough:  Festus Has Enough Why does Festus interrupt Paul? What would make him think so? Why does Paul immediately turn back to Agrippa? Why would these things have not escaped Agrippa’s notice? How does Paul’s defense affect Agrippa? What is his response? The Outcome:  The Outcome What is Agrippa’s final assessment of Paul’s situation? Why wasn’t Paul set free? Next stop: Rome For Discussion:  For Discussion How do you think the church in Caesarea felt about Paul? Remember that Philip and his daughters lived in Caesarea Embarrassed? Thankful? Protective? Supportive? Imitative? For Discussion:  For Discussion What part did each of these have in sending Paul to Rome? Holy Spirit The elders in Jerusalem Pharisees and Sadducees Sanhedrin Claudius Lysias Felix and Festus Paul himself Agrippa Next Week:  Next Week Lesson 21 - Paul’s Journey to Rome A study of the first half of Paul’s trip to Rome

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