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Published on March 12, 2009

Author: souththamescollege



Determiners with countable nouns: So when there is a small number we use the “determiners” not many/a few we can also use several/a small number of When there is a larger number we use a large number of all with - what kind of nouns - singular or plural? with the plural of countable nouns

Determiners with uncountable nouns: When there is a small amount: very little/not much: There was very little room left on the bus. There wasn’t much room left on the bus. When there is a large amount: a great deal of There’s a great deal of chocolate in this cake

We can use some determiners with both countable and uncountable nouns: a lot of/lots of When we use the following - there is a difference in meaning: Countable: There are a few books: There are some books There are few books There aren’t many books Uncountable: We have a little time: We have some time. We have little time: We don’t have much time. all; none He takes no pride at all in his appearance He doesn’t take any pride in his appearance a lack of There’s a lack of honesty these days There isn’t any honesty these days

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