Lesson 14 Replication

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Published on July 23, 2014

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DNA replication

Lesson # 14 Molecular Genetics

DNA Replication ◦ All DNA molecules need to be doubled o replicated in order for the cell to be able to make 2 nuclei out of one. ◦ Each nucleus must receive the same number of DNA molecules. ◦ Takes place during Interphase (Phase S)

At a molecular level • Semiconservative replication. • The two complimentary DNA strands separate. • Free-floating nucleotides join to their complimentary bases through hydrogen bonds. • Each strand serves as a template for the formation of a new complimentary strand. • The new strand forms in direction n 5’  3’ • As a result: 2 identical DNA molecules with an old strand and a newly formed strand.

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