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Published on October 20, 2008

Author: thomas.procopio

Source: authorstream.com

Lesson 1Part 1 : Lesson 1Part 1 Corresponding Quiz - #1 Corresponding Exam - #1 Corresponding Chapter - #1 Other selected chapter material pp. 97-100 Karl Marx: Society and Conflict pp. 493-494 Functions of Religion s Goals : Goals Understand the Sociological Imagination and the key terms sociology and society. Gain knowledge of the beginnings of the discipline and the 3 major sociological paradigms/theoretical perspectives. Start to be able to apply these theories to different subjects. :  Sociology and Society Sociology : Sociology The systematic/scientific study of society. We will find out that this entails much- everything that makes up our social being/ our social experiences (Aristotle). The study of human interaction and the varying groups and social institutions that people live within. Sociological Imagination : Sociological Imagination Seeing the general in the particular Seeing the strange in the familiar External forces (institutional/social) Peter Burger : Peter Burger What type of subject may a sociologist be interested in? We all have free-will (self-autonomy) to decide much of our fate. What are some limits regarding our free-will? What external forces in our lives play a role in limiting what we can and cannot do?

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