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Published on October 20, 2008

Author: thomas.procopio

Source: authorstream.com

lesson 1 Part 3 (revised) : lesson 1 Part 3 (revised) THEORY : THEORY Functionalism Conflict Theory Symbolic Intercationism Sociological Paradigms : Sociological Paradigms Another term for theoretical perspective. A general way of approaching a subject. A particular way of looking at something. Paradigms : Paradigms It is not that one way is correct and the other is wrong. Instead, it is just a different focus. What holds a society together/provides cohesion? What causes problems within a society/tears a society apart? How do people interact within a society? Along with “change” these types of questions will be the focus of this class. The Birth of Sociology : The Birth of Sociology Industrial Revolution (rural to urban) = changes in econ. system/family/education. Political change (classical liberals) French Revolution Societies going through a time of great change led to society as a subject of inquiry to be more of a focus. Auguste Comte : Auguste Comte 1838 coined term “sociology” Three stages 1st – theological stage; society expressed God’s will 2nd – metaphysical stage; state of nature, society is formed by human nature 3rd – scientific; positivism, society operates according to certain laws – like other laws of nature

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