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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: mcfeelyp

Source: slideshare.net


FRAGMENT: Full post http://manbitesdigital.com/2013/03/19/social-media-less-is-more/

At Social Media Week I had over 60 attendees complete a simple survey which showed the more platforms created, the lower the proportion actively managed.

From a personal perspective, the vast majority (46%) have a presence in 6-10 platforms. A further 23% have a concentrated presence in 0-5 platforms, while as many as 17% have 16 or more profiles.

People using 10 or less platforms tend to use 66% of their profiles on a very frequent basis (once every two days) with only 23% logged-into infrequently (less than once a fortnight). However, as more platforms are added, the usage becomes lower. Of these, a large amount of profiles are completely inactive, but still publicly discoverable.

People are more conservative when it comes to business – 85% respondents use 0-10 platforms professionally. Again, the utilsation of platforms drops dramatically as volume increases.

Inactive and infrequently updated platforms aren’t going to do anything to advance a personal cause or brand reputation. In many instances, they are even going to be damaging as the owner is perceived as disorganised, uncommitted or unaware. As such, it’s certainly better to have fewer platforms and use them more effectively.

With regards to platform popularity, it’s unsurprising that Facebook comes out on top for both personal and professional use. What’s interesting is that business pages are used or updated much less frequently than personal pages – 90% and 52% respectively.

Other popular personal platforms include WhatsApp and YouTube while LinkedIn and Skype are utilized more often by businesses. Despite its continued growth Twitter only comes in fourth for either use.

Brands need to reflect the consumption habits of their audiences to take full advantage of their social presence. For instance, the figures indicate that, although YouTube is used on an almost daily basis by individuals, less than half of respondents have business accounts and nearly 75% of them fail to use the platform more than once a month. As such, it is often a missed opportunity.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that brands should simply concentrate their marketing efforts on the platforms most popular for personal use. The most important thing is understanding the audience’s motivations for using each platform.

The brief study shows that when it comes to managing a social presence, less is definitely more. Individuals and brands need to stick to the three golden rules (identify objectives, establish where the target audience is active and understand their motivations) and build from the ground up, adding social platforms only when they are ready to pay them the attention they need. That’s the key to understanding where you should be social

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