Leslie Jo Saul of Beverly Hills, CA Talks Mentally Strong People

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Information about Leslie Jo Saul of Beverly Hills, CA Talks Mentally Strong People
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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: lesliejosaul

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Leslie Jo Saul is a Certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Life Coach (MNLP) and Clinical Hypnotherapist (C.ht). Leslie received her diploma in Healing and Success Arts and Attitude and perspective are everything. Thomas Edison’s lab burned down in 1914 and years of his research and work were destroyed. A natural reaction may be complete and utter despair. However, Edison changed his perspective and adopted the attitude that this was an opportunity, not a set back, stating, “Thank goodness all our mistakes were burned up. Now we can start again fresh.”

The ability to decide how you react to a situation and finding energy and power from things you can’t control is part of mental strength. Those who are mental strong are resilient–they show grit, exhibit self-control, and possess emotional intelligence. They face life’s challenges head on with infectious optimism.

Sciences from Bennett Stellar University, an internationally recognized school of Life Coaching, with emphasis in relationships and certifications in the additional areas of DreamSculpting®, TimeLine Regression & Trauma Release, Hypnosis Mastery, and Communications and Life Mastery.

The  Secret  to  Mental  Strength   By  Leslie  Jo  Saul   February  25,  2014     Attitude  and  perspective  are  everything.  Thomas   Edison’s  lab  burned  down  in  1914  and  years  of  his   research  and  work  were  destroyed.  A  natural   reaction  may  be  complete  and  utter  despair.   However,  Edison  changed  his  perspective  and   adopted  the  attitude  that  this  was  an  opportunity,   not  a  set  back,  stating,  “Thank  goodness  all  our   mistakes  were  burned  up.  Now  we  can  start  again   fresh.”     The  ability  to  decide  how  you  react  to  a  situation   and  finding  energy  and  power  from  things  you   can’t  control  is  part  of  mental  strength.  Those  who   are  mental  strong  are  resilient–they  show  grit,   exhibit  self-­‐control,  and  possess  emotional   intelligence.  They  face  life’s  challenges  head  on   with  infectious  optimism.     No  matter  how  mentally  strong  you  are,  you  can  always  increase  your  strength  by   honing  the  following  habits:      Try  to  view  things  objectively.  Instead  of  seeing  a  situation  emotionally,   being  able  to  take  a  step  back  and  take  on  various  points  of  view  will  help   you  to  objectively  handle  a  situation.    Let  go  of  entitlement.  It  is  true  that  all  people  should  be  able  to  find   happiness  in  their  lives,  but  no  one  ‘deserves’  anything.  Challenges,  setbacks,   and  obstacles  will  make  their  way  into  the  lives  of  each  and  every  person.   Once  you  have  acknowledged  that  and  let  go  of  entitled  feelings,  you  will  be   able  to  move  forward.    Keep  on  an  even  keel.  Do  not  let  situations  derail  you.  Keeping  a  cool  head   when  things  get  hot  will  leave  you  happier  in  the  long  run.    Realize  no  one  can  be  happy  all  the  time.  Negative  emotions  are  just  as   valid  as  happy  ones  and  they  should  be  allowed  to  surface  when  the  time   calls  for  it.  Letting  both  positive  and  negative  emotions  have  their  moments   will  make  you  a  better  person  overall.    Be  a  realistic  optimist.  A  positive  and  ‘go-­‐getter’  attitude  is  important,  but  it   is  even  more  important  to  realize  your  own  limits.  Having  multiple  back-­‐up   plans  is  essential,  just  in  case  you  don’t  get  your  first  choice.  

   Live  in  the  here  and  now.  So  much  of  the  time  we  allow  technology  to  take   us  away  from  the  situation  at  hand,  make  us  nostalgic  for  the  past,  or  keeps   us  occupied  thinking  about  the  future.  Being  mindful  and  present  is  a  huge   help  for  mental  strength,  reducing  stress,  and  ridding  your  body  of  anxiety.   Chase  your  goals  without  reservation.  Mentally  strong  people  show  grit   and  determination  no  matter  what  the  obstacles  are.  At  the  same  time,  know   when  the  time  comes  to  let  things  go  and  move  on.   Appreciate  what  you  have.  Mentally  strong  people  love  their  lives  and   spend  a  lot  of  time  being  thankful  for  the  gifts  they’ve  been  given.       Leslie  Jo  Saul  is  a  Certified  Master  Neuro-­‐Linguistic  Life  Coach  (MNLP)  and  Clinical   Hypnotherapist  (C.ht).  Leslie  received  her  diploma  in  Healing  and  Success  Arts  and   Sciences  from  Bennett  Stellar  University,  an  internationally  recognized  school  of  Life   Coaching,  with  emphasis  in  relationships  and  certifications  in  the  additional  areas  of   DreamSculpting®,  TimeLine  Regression  &  Trauma  Release,  Hypnosis  Mastery,  and   Communications  and  Life  Mastery.  

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