Lenovo z51 70 - a perfect windows 10 laptop

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Information about Lenovo z51 70 - a perfect windows 10 laptop

Published on November 6, 2016

Author: Rahulgomes

Source: slideshare.net

1. LENOVO Z51-70 - A PERFECT WINDOWS 10 LAPTOP Lenovo – The Company LenovowasfoundedinBeijinginthe year1984 as Legendandwas incorporatedinHongKongin the year1988. LenovoGroup Ltd.is a Chinese Multinational technologycompanyandislisted onthe Hong KongStock Exchange. Lenovo Laptops Lenovohasalwaysmade a name foritself,especiallywiththe introductionof slimandsleek power-packedLaptopsandUltrabooks.Lenovohasarange of lightweightLaptopsorUltrabooksthatare thinand light,alsopower-packedwithIntel Core Processors,fastSSDstorage and a greatbatterylife. You can travel to anothercountryanywhere inthe world,orattenda meetingrightfromyourhome as peryour time andluxury. About The LenovoZ51-70 The Lenovo Z51-70 isneatto lookand isavailable inbothblackandwhite.Ithas a plasticcovering,is lightinweightatjust2.3 kg, and itsurpasses manyothernotebooksof itsgenre.Itcan be categorisedas a great entertainmentdevice.Itcomeswithimpressive specsandarange of multimediafeatures. The Make It isa 15.6 inchall-roundaffordablemultimediadevice backedbythe core i5-5200U processor.Ithas a goodbuiltinsystemthatallowsoccasional gaminganda matte full HD display.Itissupportedby Windows10, has a 3D camera and8GB RAM. Some superior featurespossessedbythe perfectwindows10 laptop - LenovoZ51-70:

2. Super-fastconnection Get connectedtothe worldwithsuperiorandreal fastinternet.Youget802.11 a/c WIFI connectivity.It deliversupto3 timesthe connectionspeedsof 802.11 b/g/n. Display It featuresa15.6 inchFHD anti-glare matte display.These matte panels helpwithvisibility.The Z51 matchesitsimpressive amplificationwithcrispaudiolevels. Superiorquality audio Get surroundsoundwithDolbyHome Theatre onyour PC.Experience the miracleof cinema,sound effectsandexperienceof moviesrightfrom yourlaptop.ItcomeswithJBLspeakersthatprovide acrisp sound,clearmode anda brilliantexperience.Enjoyhighaudioclarity,fine nuancesandothereffectsof great cinemafromthe comfortof yourlaptop.The speakersgive anultimate performance intermsof soundand music. Superiorquality video Watchinga movie isasheerdelight.Ithasa full HD displaythatgivesgreatpicture qualityandisa visual treat.You can enjoygaminglike neverbefore.The buildandhardware are perfectinhandling gaming fromtime to time. DVD Reader/ Writer Fewof these come withan attachedDVD/CD-RWdrive toloadprograms,listentoCDs and to watch movies. Keyboard It enablesagreattypingexperience asthe LenovoZ51-70 has goodergonomicsandthe buttonshave goodkeytravel because of the Accutype designthatmostmodelspossess.Typingonthe keyboardis fastand comfortable. Ports It has portsthat a standard Laptophas, witha total of 3 USB ports,HDMI, Ethernet,comboheadphone and an SD card reader. It iswell made intermsof its builtandstrength,andhas greatinputdevices.Itispossible toenjoyweb gamingand videosfor4 hours,because of the configurationof the CPU.The GPU isgreat for multimedia requirements.The speedatwhichthisdevice worksissimplyoutstanding.However,there are limited coloursofferedconsideringthe factthat itis multimediafriendly. On an overall,itisa budgetfriendlynotebook,one thatgoesslightlyeasyonthe pocket.Ithasa much betterperformance comparedtoitscounterparts,butistermedata higherprice andfallsshortbecause of itsbatterylife.

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