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Information about Lenovo lightweight laptops carry the fun with you

Published on December 16, 2016

Author: Rahulgomes

Source: slideshare.net

1. LENOVO LIGHTWEIGHT LAPTOPS CARRY THE FUN WITH YOU Lenovo – The Company LenovowasfoundedinBeijinginthe year1984 as Legendandwas incorporatedinHongKongin the year1988. LenovoGroup Ltd.is a Chinese Multinational technologycompanyandis listedonthe Hong KongStock Exchange. Lenovo Laptops Lenovohasa range of lightweightLaptopsorUltrabooksthatare thinand light,alsopower-packedwith Intel Core Processors,fastSSDstorage and a great batterylife.Youcantravel to anothercountry anywhere inthe world,orattenda meetingrightfromyourhome as peryour time andluxury. Lenovoconstantlyevolvesitselfwiththe introductionof LightweightLaptops.New desktops,Laptops and the Yoga seriesofferaplethoraof choices.The seriesof advancedlaptopsbyLenovoprovide a blendof powerandsleekness.Theseincludethe 8-inchYogaTablet2 to the 15 inchThinkPadYoga convertible laptop.Youcanuse a penor pencil onthe touchscreenof the 8-inchYoga Tablet2, instead of yourfinger.The Yoga 900 has convertiblesthatcan be flippedaroundsothatitcan be usedas a Latop, Stand,Tentand Tabletmodes.These are alsoavailableinavarietyof colouroptions. Carry a fun and lightweightdevice Portable thingshave beenaroundespeciallyforpeople whoare alwaysonthe move.It’sa total differentfeelingtocarry workand playalongwithyou24/7. Evenmore funto carry an exclusive and premiumLaptop.Lenovoprovidesanarray of LightweightLaptopscustomizedanddesignedasper diverse needs. FewlightweightLenovoLaptops you couldchoose from: The Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon isultrathin,ultratoughandultralight.Itismade upof a carbon-fiber reinforcedchassisthatisstrongand sturdyand far more thanan average device.Itworksfaster,lasts longerandis backedwithstorage andinnovative dockingoptions. The X1 Yoga isa2 in 1 convertible laptopandhighlyversatile.Adaptyourbusinessto4 differentmodes to work,present,create andconnectwiththe LenovoX1 Yoga. The X250 is a 31.75cm Ultrabook,backed by complete connectivity,optional touchcapacityanda whole setof ports.It can go on fora full day. The ThinkPadX260 has an amazinglightweightbodyprovidingover17 hoursof batterylife.Itoffers great comfortand amazingtypingexperience.Itisstronganddurable andcan take extreme shocks, vibrationsandfluctuatingtemperatures. Lenovo’slatestisthe Yoga900 - a jewel initself.ItisanUltrabookwitha powerfullysharpdesign,sleek figure anda smoothkeyboardexperience.Itisslimandlightinweight,highlyportable andavailable in colouroptionslike silver,orange andgold. These Laptopsare easyto be carriedfromone place toanother.Theyare customizedasperneedand are alsoavailable indifferentprice ranges.

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