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Published on July 1, 2009

Author: dotsa26

Source: slideshare.net


A mathematics workshop I set up to help the children in my class with length, height and width concepts. This is a basic workshop and I did a lot of work before and after it.

Lengthheightwidth Workshop

What is length, height and width? Write down what you think these things are Share your ideas with someone else in your group Use the mathematics dictionary at the bottom of your Smart Kiddies personal page to find out what the mathematical definition of these things is. Spheres click here Cubes click here Rhombus click here Dodecahedrons click here

What do we use to measure the height, length or width of something? We use lots of different objects to measure with. Each object usually has one or two units of measurement on it. How many different measurement units can you think of to measure height, length and width? Here’s a hint ---- centimetres

What do we use to measure things? Our length, height and width measuring toolbox could include these units of measurement Metres Millimetres Kilometres

How do we choose which one to use? That’s a difficult question to answer Usually you choose units that are going to make sense for the problem you are working out. We tend to change to a bigger unit when it is going to take us a long time to measure something in the smaller unit It takes practice and careful thinking to choose a measurement unit

Which measurement unit would we use for…? The height of a houseThe height of a personThe width of your deskHow long our field isThe distance someone has been on a runThe distance from Auckland to HamiltonThe length of a penThe thickness of your reading book The thickness of your rulerHow tall your are

The height of a house

The height of a person

The width of your desk

How long our field is

The distance someone has been on a run

The distance from Auckland to Hamilton

The length of a pen

The thickness of your reading book

The thickness of your ruler

How tall your are

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