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Published on October 17, 2007

Author: Jancis

Source: authorstream.com

Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure:  Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure Martin Sutter, Head of NetServices Thomas Lenggenhager, Deputy Project Manager AAI Christoph Graf, Head of Network Security Agenda:  Agenda AAI deployment in Switzerland SWITCHaai key issues AAI & Grid Outlook EUGridPMA Motivation for SWITCHaai:  Motivation for SWITCHaai Need for SWITCHaai spawned by Swiss Virtual Campus, a large national e-learning project. About 30 projects developing e-learning contents involving at least three different sites Authentication & Authorization not to be solved by each project individually SWITCHaai Building Blocks:  Identity Providers (Home Orgs) Service Providers (Resources) Organizational Framework Interoperation Central Services Funding SWITCHaai Building Blocks Organizational Framework:  SWITCH acts as SWITCHaai Federation service provider Federation membership is based on signed service agreements Organization Organizational Framework Interoperation:  Interoperation Interoperation Requires agreement on technical details like Standards SAML 1.1 Software versions (as per May 2005) Shibboleth 1.1 for identity providers Shibboleth 1.2.1 for service providers Accepted certificate authorities SWITCHpki plus Thawte, Trustcenter, VeriSign Attribute specification swissEduPerson Interoperation: Attributes:  Criteria for attribute specification Start simple, extend as required Common understanding on interpretation Already widely used swissEduPerson Attribute usage by applications Use minimal set required Data protection principle Interoperation Interoperation: Attributes Identity Provider Integration:  Identity Provider Integration AAI-enabled Identity Provider User Directory Authentication System AAI Currently in use in SWITCHaai: Authentication Systems OpenLDAP with CAS or Pubcookie Kerberos AuthN with Active Directory Windows AuthN with IIS User Directory OpenLDAP Active Directory Identity Providers Identity Providers in SWITCHaai:  Identity Providers in SWITCHaai Operational AAI Identity Provider ETH Zurich University Zurich SWITCH 110’000 Swiss Higher Ed users have an AAI-Account (≈ 50% of all) Zurich University of Applied Sciences Winterthur AAI Identity Provider getting ready University Hospital Zurich University Lucerne University Fribourg University Berne University Lausanne Identity Providers Virtual Home Organization – VHO:  Federation Member Identity Provider Resource Owner End User Admin Some end users without identity provider VHO Service @SWITCH User Dir VHO Policy Identity Providers Virtual Home Organization – VHO Integrate end users without Identity Provider Resource owner creates ‘AAI-enabled’ accounts @VHO for users without an identity provider A VHO account is only usable for the resource(s) managed by the resource owner Types of Service Providers:  Types of Service Providers e-learning libraries other web applications DOIT VITELS Vista@SVC AD Learn & Co Vconf-Reservation SMS-Gateway EZproxy commercial ScienceDirect WebCT@ETHZ OLAT Moodle BSCW Blackboard SwissLex IS-Academia Jobs@BWI ILIAS TWiki eShops Service Providers …  50 ‘shibbolized’ servers  10’000 active AAI Users Service Provider Example: DOIT:  Service Provider Example: DOIT University Zurich University Lausanne AAI Identity Provider University Berne AAI Service Provider DOIT: Dermatology Online with Interactive Technology 500 AAI Users Access Rule: IdP = UniZH | UniBE | UniL Affiliation = student studyBranch = medicine studyLevel = 15 Service Providers Integration of „Blackboxes“:  Service Providers Integration of „Blackboxes“ AAIportal (open source, GPL) Authentication / authorization gateway Portal functionalities (optional) User management (optional) Adaptors to blackbox applications: WebCT Vista WebCT CE … Central AAI Services:  Central Services Central AAI Services Strategy & marketing International contacts Support, consulting, training Providing federation-specific files and configuration guides Operating WAYF server Testing parties (identity provider  service provider) Jump-start service Virtual Home Organization ‘Where are you from?’ Key Issues in SWITCHaai:  Key Issues in SWITCHaai Structure of SWITCHaai Federation Switzerland is strongly federal solve problems at the lowest level coordinate where useful AAI is more than Shibboleth SWITCHaai designed to be extensible policies federation SAML 2 and Shibboleth 2 will allow interoperability with other SAML based infrastructures AAI and Grid:  AAI and Grid SWITCHaai concept is ready for Grid integration Current Shibboleth version not yet Grid ready GridShib, an Internet2 project, links upcoming Shibboleth 1.3 with Globus Toolkit 4.1 first phase to be implemented until autumn 2005 second phase to be implemented until second half of 2006 http://grid.ncsa.uiuc.edu/GridShib/ Extension to other n-tier use cases possible Outlook 2005 – 2007 :  Outlook 2005 – 2007 More national AAI related projects supported by federal grants (on matching funds) Non-web browser based service providers (like Grid) Study on AAI and ECTS Study on extending AAI to AAAI accounting, but not limited to billing Integration of federation partners resources from non-members other federations http://www.switch.ch/aai EUGridPMA:  EUGridPMA What the EUGridPMA does A useful job for Grid projects (evaluating CP/CPSs) Impressive PR: made it into eIRG papers (together with TACAR) NREN perspective: NRENs engaging in PKIs need something similar to interwork But we will need more than one assurance level (Grid strength certs and basic strength certs) The predicted future of EUGridPMA: Perish: If they stay Grid-specific Flourish: if they become relevant beyond the Grid Recommendation: NRENs to collaborate and eventually host EUGridPMA activities Terena to play an important role (how about TACAR++?)

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