Leighann Lord's Fresh Off the Synapse March 3-7, 2014

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Information about Leighann Lord's Fresh Off the Synapse March 3-7, 2014

Published on March 8, 2014

Author: LeighannLord



Welcome to Fresh Off the Synapse! My weekly wrap up of my favorite jokes and commentary! Sometimes the jokes write themselves and when they don't I do.

@LeighannLord ||

March 3-7, 2014

Do increasing tensions between the US and Russia mean comedians should start dusting off their Cold War era jokes? Fresh Off the Synapse @LeighannLord ||

If this Ukraine situation keeps up I'm gonna have to find it on the map. Fresh Off the Synapse @LeighannLord ||

Cate Blanchett confessed that she slept with her Oscar. So did Mrs. Madison until she threw him out, requesting that he never return. Fresh Off the Synapse @LeighannLord ||

The Web turns 25 next week. Now it can start worrying about something cheaper, younger, and faster that’s ready to take its place. Fresh Off the Synapse @LeighannLord ||

The College Board has announced the first changes to the SAT college entrance exam since 2005. Post-test therapy would be nice. I'm still bitter. Fresh Off the Synapse @LeighannLord ||

If Russia is not afraid of American military intervention in the Ukraine have we considered threatening them with jobs and healthcare? Fresh Off the Synapse @LeighannLord ||

Universal Pre-K? Should sending kids to school on other planets really be where we're focusing our efforts right now? Fresh Off the Synapse @LeighannLord ||

Ghengis Khan killed about 11% of the entire world’s population. And that was without a college degree. Fresh Off the Synapse @LeighannLord ||

U.S. House approves loan guarantees for Ukraine. Still no word on my application from 2008. Fresh Off the Synapse @LeighannLord ||

Venezuela has severed ties with Panama. Is that Venezuela's way of saying, "I think we should see other countries."? Fresh Off the Synapse @LeighannLord ||

Taking my Parents to the movies. What's the etiquette? Do I let them sit by themselves in case they want to make out? Fresh Off the Synapse @LeighannLord ||

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