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Published on January 14, 2008

Author: Bernardo

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Slide2:  Legislative Branch Makes the laws Executive Branch Carries out the laws Judicial Branch Interprets the laws Slide3:  The session begins every year on the second Tuesday in January at noon. In odd numbered years, the session is limited to 40 legislative days. In even-numbered years, the session is limited to 35 legislative days. Legislative sessions do not include Sundays, holidays, or days when the legislature is in recess. 76th Legislative Session Issues:  76th Legislative Session Issues Increase teacher pay - lowest paid in the United States Increase the amount of money that goes to school districts. Governor Janklow wants 3% to be passed this year. Some lawmakers want 5%. We are second to the last in the percentage of our state budget which is spent on education. Small school districts consolidate Tobacco settlement money to be used for scholarships for South Dakota students Seatbelt law Early pheasant season Changing the state name to Monument State Slide5:  In which month does the Legislative Session begin? January How many days does the legislative session meet during odd numbered years? 40 days How many days is the session during even numbered years? 35 days On what day during the second week of January does the session begin? Tuesday Slide6:  State Representative Gerald Lange from District 8. The Senate and Representative terms are both two years. Senators and Representatives are elected every even numbered years. They cannot serve more than four terms in a row or 8 years at one time in the House or Senate. Slide7:  Dale Slaughter is a South Dakota State Representative from District 8. District 8 is made up of Lake County, Moody County, and a small portion of Minnehaha County. There are 35 state senators and 70 representatives. There are 35 districts in South Dakota with one senator from each district and two representatives from each district. Slide8:  There are 35 districts in South Dakota. Do you remember how many senators from each district? Do you remember how many representatives from each district? Why do you think South Dakota is divided into different districts. Slide9:  How many districts are there in South Dakota? Slide10:  The number of legislative districts in South Dakota is 35 The number of senators from each district 1 The number of representatives from each district 2 The total number of South Dakota Senators 35 The total number of South Dakota Representatives 70 The representatives from our District 8 Dale Slaughter and Gerald Lange The senator from our District 8 Dan Sutton Slide11:  What towns do you see listed on the picture? Because of their large populations, these communities are broken down into several districts. Scott Eccarius, Speaker of the House. Representative from District 34. Slide12:  How many districts do you see within the three larger communities? Slide13:  Scott Eccarius is a Representative from Pennington County, District 34. He is also the Speaker of the House. Scott is responsible for delivering passed bills to Governor Janklow. Slide14:  Larry Rhoden, Representative from Meade & Butte County - District 29 Jean Hunhoff Representative from Yankton County District 18 Slide15:  Senator Dan Sutton was a former Representative from District 8. He is now serving as one of the 35 South Dakota senators. Dan continues to serve District 8 which includes Lake, Moody, and a portion of Minnehaha County. Dan is from Flandreau (Moody County) and is in Insurance Sales. Slide16:  Can you find the counties your legislators are from? Slide17:  34 Slide18:  Carole Hillard is the Lieutenant Governor of South Dakota. One of her duties is to be the President of the Senate but shall have no vote unless the senators be equally divided. The Lieutenant Governor will become Governor if something happens to the acting Governor. She is responsible for delivering passed bills to Governor Janklow. Slide19:  The two houses in Pierre are The Senate and House of Representatives Who is President of the Senate? Lieutenant Governor Carole Hillard Who is Speaker of the House Representative Scott Eccarius Slide20:  William J. Janklow was born in Chicago. His father was a prosecutor at the Nuremberg war criminal trials. When his father died his family moved to Flandreau, South Dakota. At 16, Bill Janklow became a dropout and joined the marines. He enrolled at USD. When it was found he didn’t have a high school diploma, they wanted him to leave. He talked them into letting him stay. His grades were good so they let him stay. He earned a law degree in 1966. Slide21:  The governor makes sure the laws are carried out. He is the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of the state. He will sign,not sign, or veto bills passed by the legislature. Slide22:  This is where Governor Janklow and his family live. The home was built in 1936. It has 18 rooms. It is not open to the public, but visitors are welcomed. Slide23:  The South Dakota Judicial Branch of Government is the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is the highest court of the state. It is made up of a Chief Justice and four associate justices. Upon request by the Supreme Court the Legislature may increase the number of justices to seven. The Supreme Court interprets the law. Slide24:  The branch of government that makes the laws Legislative Branch The Legislative Branch is the: Senate and House of Representatives The branch of government that carries out the laws Executive Branch The head of the Executive branch is the: Governor The branch of government that interprets the laws Judicial Branch The head of the Judicial Branch is the Supreme Court Slide25:  Do you know where our state capital is located? How would you describe its location? Why would this be a good location for a state capital? Pierre became the capital of South Dakota in 1889 when the remains of Dakota Territory were divided into two states Pierre was famous for years as the smallest capital in the United States. Slide27:  The original part of the four story Capitol of South Dakota was built in 1907-1910. It measures 292 feet long and 124 feet wide. It is 161 feet from the ground to the top of the lantern on the dome. The annex to the north was added in the 1930’s. Slide28:  According to legend, 66 Italian artists layed the Terrazzo flooring in the Capitol. Most artists like to leave their signature on their art work. Instead of 66 people signing their names, each artist was given a special blue stone that would be called their signature stone. Only 55 of the 66 blue stones have been found. Slide29:  The Grand Marble Staircase was constructed of white cloud marble shipped in from Tennessee and Vermont. Slide30:  The House of Representatives is in the shape of a rectangle, patterned after the House chambers in the nation’s Capital. All the wood in the House chamber is the original oak. The 1910 roll-top desks are made of oak wood. 70 representatives from the 35 districts meet in the House chambers. Members of both houses must be at least 21 years of age, citizens, and residents of the state for two years immediately preceding the election. Scott Eccarius is Speaker of the House. Slide31:  The Senate Chamber is horse-shoe shaped and is patterned after the United States Senate. All woodwork and furniture is mahogany. There are 35 senators who meet here. They serve two-year terms. The presiding officer is the Lieutenant Governor. Carole Hillard is the President of the Senate. Slide32:  The roll-top desk in both the House and the Senate make both chambers unusual. This desk in the Senate chamber is made of mahogany wood. Can you tell whose desk it is? Slide34:  Start at 1 and go to 1000. The bill starts as a draft (written form). Primary sponsors for Senate bills can be only Senate members. However, Senate members can co-sponsor House Bills. It must be passed through Senate and House committees and through both Houses before going to Governor Janklow. Slide35:  Start at 1001 Legislators make laws they think will help our state. The laws begin with a bill. When the bill has passed through both House and Senate committees and both Houses it goes to Governor Janklow. Governor Janklow can sign, not sign (but it still is law), send it back to the legislature for style and form, or veto it. Slide36:  The legislative session takes place in this State Capital Pierre, South Dakota The Senate bills begin in a Senate committee. What number do these bills start with? 1 and go to 1000 House bills begin in a House committee. What number do these bills start with? 1001 Slide37:  Legislative bills must first pass through one of the following 13 legislative committees. What committees do your district’s legislators serve on? Agriculture and Natural Resources Appropriations Commerce Education Government Operations and Audit Health and Human Services Judiciary Legislative Procedure Local Government Retirement Laws State Affairs Taxation Transportation Slide38:  A legislator whose granddaughter is attacked by a vicious dog may seek to tighten the restrictions on keeping dangerous animals. Special interests groups like M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) may persuade a legislator to sponsor a bill aimed at reducing the number of drunk drivers. School districts which do not have enough money to run the schools might ask for more money. A legislator who thinks school districts would be better off consolidated (or become one school) may write a bill stating that small schools close and join a larger school. Slide39:  How many legislative committees are there? 13 Where does a bill go once it has passed through a Senate committee? Full Senate Where does a bill go once it has passed through a House committee? Full House Where does a bill go once it has passed through a Senate committee, Full Senate, and a House committee? Full House Slide40:  Once a bill has passed through a Senate committee, Full Senate, House committee, and Full House it will go to The Governor What can the Governor do once a bill has passed through both Houses? Sign the bill Not sign the bill (but it passes anyway) Veto the bill Send it back to the legislature for style and form

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