LED troffer spec sheet-ARK Ligting

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Information about LED troffer spec sheet-ARK Ligting

Published on January 6, 2017

Author: UnaLEDLighting

Source: slideshare.net

1. Data parameter Page: 1 of 2 2x2’ 2x4’ 0-10V DIMMABLE WIDE BEAM 5 YR WARRANTY 110 LPW EFFICACY 120- 277V UNIVERSAL50,000 H ARK Lighting (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: FEATURES: CONSTRUCTION: CONTROL: MODEL SELECTION LED TROFFER EFFICACYWATTAGEARK 24= 24watts 30= 30watts 110= 110lm/w 125= 125lm/w Typical order example:ARK24D3011 DIMMABLE LM 80LM 79 TM 21 IES SIS FIA E L D C LED prduct partrner ARK Lensed Retrofit Kits are supplied with a 0-10v simple ARK22R24110D ARK22R24125D ARK22R30110D ARK22R30125D 80 CRI(Ra) SIZE Custom CCTs available upon request Standard Dimension for 2x4 & 2x2 Retrofits Reflective white finish improves retrofit efficacy ARK innovative Lensed retrofit kit series offer service be retrofited into most existing troffers in just about 10 minutes. professionals an economical solution to safely upgrade and can The edge-lit LED light source emanates the perfect ambience into the environment. Quick Installation of Lensed Retrofit Kit in existing luminaire without the need to break the ceiling plenum. Edge-Lit LED light source hence very thin profile. True to Life Color Rendering CRI of 83 LM-80 chip yields over 100,000 hour L70 lifetime using TM-21 extrapolation Galvanized steel body. Fits Most of Existing 2x4 Troffer without having to remove the fixture. dimming driver Compatible with standard 0-10v dimming controls D= Dimming (0-10V)22= 24= ARK24R40110D ARK24R40125D ARK24R50110D ARK24R50125D 40= 40watts 50= 50watts

2. ARK22R24110D ARK22R24125D ARK22R36110D ARK22R36125D ARK24R42110D ARK24R42125D ARK24R50110D ARK24R50125D 23.8 X 23.8”X 2.36” 47.83 23.8” 2.36”” ”X X Net weight:3.7KG Gross weight:5KG Net weight:8KG Gross weight:9.5KG LED TROFFER SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL PERFORMANCE ELECTRICAL PHYSICAL CERTIFICATION ITEM SPECIFICATION DETAILS ORDERING WATTS SIZE INPUT VOLTAGEMODEL 24/30 40/50 ARK22R24110D ARK22R30125D ARK22R30110D ARK24R40125D 24.0 30.0 40.0 50.0 110 125 110 125 120-277V 120-277V 2,640 3,300 4,400 5,500 >90% TEL :+86 755-29553255 29553192 | www.ark-smart.comWeb: www.arkshine.com| | 755-29553313E-mail:sale@arkshine.com Fax:+86 Efficacy (lm/W) Lumens Delivered (lm) Lumen Maintenance (L70) CRI (Min) Power Consumption (W) Power Factor Input Voltage Dimensions (inches) Weight Mounting Ambient Temperature Certification Material Usage Environment Warranty 5 year when installed in accordance with factory supplied instruction manual *Please contact your ARK representative to order products that don’have order codes listed here.t Revised: 21-07-16 110 125 110 125 3,000 3,750 5,000 6,250 ARK22R24125D ARK24R40110D ARK24R50110D ARK24R50125D

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