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Published on August 9, 2007

Author: VolteMort

Source: authorstream.com

Puberty - Physical Changes:  Puberty - Physical Changes Primary Sexual Characteristics reproductive organs Secondary Sexual Characteristics non-reproductive characteristics, breasts, hair etc. Sexual Maturation:  Sexual Maturation Female breast bud and growth spurt ~ 10 yrs menarche ~ 12.5 yrs full height ~ 13 yrs Male testes enlarge ~ 11.5 yrs growth spurt ~ 12.5 yrs spermarche ~ 13 yrs facial hair andamp; voice change ~ 14 yrs full height ~ 15.5 yrs Slide3:  Puberty - Psychological Impact:  Puberty - Psychological Impact Girls reactions to Menarche Mixture of positive andamp; negative Dependent on prior knowledge andamp; social support Boys reactions to Spermarche mixed feelings have prior knowledge but no social support Moodiness High hormones andamp; negative life events Early vs. Late Maturation:  Early vs. Late Maturation Early maturing boys relaxed, independent, self-confident, popular, leaders, athletes Late maturing boys unpopular, anxious, overly talkative, attention seeking Early maturing girls Unpopular, withdrawn, lack self-confidence, negative body image Late maturing girls attractive, lively, sociable, leaders Reasons for Timing Effects Other Teen Problems:  Other Teen Problems Sexual Activity Teen Pregnancy Anorexia Nervosa andamp; Bulimia Sex Differences and Gender Roles:  Sex Differences and Gender Roles Gender Stereotypes:  Gender Stereotypes Beliefs about characteristics deemed appropriate for males and females Gender Roles Reflection of gender stereotypes on behaviour Gender Biased Traits:  Gender Biased Traits Instrumental traits are masculine competence, rationality, assertiveness Expressive traits are feminine warmth, caring, sensitivity Gender Biased Characteristics:  Gender Biased Characteristics Physical Characteristics Occupations Activities Gender Stereotyping:  Gender Stereotyping Preschoolers prefer gender-appropriate toys and activities By age 5 stereotypes are well established School-age children recognize which subjects are masculine or feminine Grade Changes in Knowledge and Flexibility of Gender Stereotypes in a Cross-Sectional Study of over 500 Canadian School-Age Children:  Grade Changes in Knowledge and Flexibility of Gender Stereotypes in a Cross-Sectional Study of over 500 Canadian School-Age Children Influences on Gender - Biology:  Influences on Gender - Biology Cross cultural similarities Cultural reversals do exist Sex hormones lead to differences in play styles Environmental pressures may be more powerful than hormones Influences on Gender - Environment:  Influences on Gender - Environment Perceptions of adults Expectations of adults Treatment by parents Treatment by teachers Observational learning Peers Siblings Gender Role Identity:  Gender Role Identity Self-perception of gender characteristics Kohlberg’s Stages Gender labeling Gender Stability Gender Consistency Gender Constancy Androgeny Real Gender Differences - Cognitive:  Real Gender Differences - Cognitive Girls better Verbal skills Boys better Spatial and Math skills Brain Lateralization hypothesis Prenatal Androgen hypothesis Real Gender Differences - Personality:  Real Gender Differences - Personality Emotional Sensitivity Compliance and Dependency Aggression

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