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Published on October 9, 2007

Author: Javier

Source: authorstream.com

EART 3- Geology of National Parks 2/09/04:  EART 3- Geology of National Parks 2/09/04 OUTLINE Tectonic Setting of Yellowstone National Park Hydrothermal Features of Yellowstone Virtual Tour of Yellowstone CONCEPTS Relative size of volcanic explosions Interaction of hot rock and water Slide2:  Grand Canyon of Yellowstone Slide3:  Old Faithful Geyser Slide4:  Steamboat Geyser 3 Caldera Forming Explosions:  3 Caldera Forming Explosions Huckleberry Ridge Tuff- 2 Mya ~2,500 km3 Mesa Falls Tuff- 1.2 Mya ~280 km3 Lava Creek Tuff- 0.6 Mya ~1000 km3 Slide7:  Mesa Falls Lava Creek Huckleberry Ridge Slide10:  What kind of magma is erupted at Yellowstone? RHYOLITE!!!! Hydrothermal Activity:  Hydrothermal Activity Hot Springs- spring with temperature above body temperature (98.6 F) Mud Pot- hot spring with little water and a lot of altered rock (sediment clogged hot spring) Geyser- intermittent hot spring that erupts jets of hot water and steam Fumaroles- vent emitting gas Slide17:  Castle Geyser Why so many geysers in Yellowstone? Slide18:  Repricipitated silica (quartz) clogs conduits Slide19:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7-10 11 12 13

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