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Published on May 2, 2008

Author: Marigold

Source: authorstream.com

Artificial Intelligence:  Artificial Intelligence Intelligent?:  Intelligent? What is intelligence?:  What is intelligence? computational part of the ability to achieve goals in the world somewhere, something went wrong:  somewhere, something went wrong What is AI?:  What is AI? Computational models of human behavior? Computational models of human “thought” process? Computational systems that behave intelligently? Computational systems that behave rationally ! Rationality::  Rationality: Perceiving the world around it, a rational agent selects an action to maximize the performance measure Using Evidence provided in perception sensors Built in knowledge of the agent Applications of AI:  Applications of AI Video games, Robocup, NERO Theorem proving Speech recognition Understanding natural language (stories) Machine translation (English-Russian) Robotics (Computer vision) Machine translation:  Machine translation The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak English – Russian - English:  English – Russian - English The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak The vodka is strong but the meat is rotten AI applications (contd.):  AI applications (contd.) Driving autonomous vehicles Tactical guidance system for military aircraft Satellite meta command system Automatic operation of trains Robots for micro-surgery AI in electrical gadgets:  AI in electrical gadgets Navigation system for automatic cars Cruise control for automobiles Single button control of washing machines Camera autofocus Back light control for camcorders Auto motor control of vacuum cleaners Camera aiming for sporting events Decision support systems:  Decision support systems Medical reasoning systems Planning rocket launching, large assemblies Intelligent tutoring systems Fault diagnosis in power plants Direct marketing Fraud detection for finance Stock market predictions AI pioneers:  AI pioneers Alan Turing(1912-1954) Father of computer science Turing test for AI Marvin Minsky (MIT) Built first Neural network computer SNARC John McCarthy ( Stanford University ) Developed LISP, AI programming language Slide14:  http://nerogame.org/ Slide15:  General issues and applications of AI , Problem solving, Search strategies, Intelligent searching Course contents:  Course contents , Knowledge Representation, First order predicate logic, , Frames Conceptual dependency Slide17:  Game playing Problem solving using Planning, Slide18:  Uncertainty handling, Fuzzy Logic based inferencing, Machine learning – introduction to neural networks and genetic algorithms, Expert Systems, Natural Language Processing Reference books::  Reference books: Artificial Intelligence – A modern approach, S. Russell and P.Norvig, Pearson Education. Artificial Intelligence, Elaine Rich and K Knight, Tata McGraw Hill, reprint 2003 Evaluation::  Evaluation:   Minor I 20% Minor II 20% Quiz tests and Major test:    40% Assignments:                         20%

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