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Published on January 5, 2008

Author: Cannes

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Slide1:  WELCOME DATE : 25/11/04 Slide2:  Who Moved My Oil ? EMERGENCE OF PCRA:  EMERGENCE OF PCRA SECTROAL APPROACH:  SECTROAL APPROACH PCRA INDUSTRY AGRICULTURE TRANSPORT DOMESTIC COMMERCIAL SCOPE OF ENERGY AUDIT:  SCOPE OF ENERGY AUDIT Slide6:  A GIST OF FIELD ACTIVITIES. Slide7:  YEAR VALUE (Rs.Crs.) QTY (‘000 TONNES) 220 275 INCREMENTAL SAVINGS - ALL SECTORS Slide8:  YEAR VALUE (Rs.Crs) Qty (‘000 Tonnes) 952.23 701.00 RECURRING SAVINGS – INDUSTRIAL SECTOR Slide9:  PHILOSOPHY OF ENERGY AUDIT Through energy audit, we optimize the consumption of fuel i.e. coal, electricity petroleum products etc. To spread the benefits obtained through Energy Audit in any one industry to entire cluster To replicate the benefit obtained through Energy Audit in other industries through Education Campaign and ITPs Sponsor R &D projects identified from Energy Audit. Energy Audits in Clusters (2001-02 to 2003-04):  Energy Audits in Clusters (2001-02 to 2003-04) Slide11:  **P = Process; E=Engg; T=Textiles; G=Glass; M=Miscellaneous *EYC indicates Estimate I Yearly Consumption of audited industrioes MAJOR ENERGY AUDITS (Since 2001) Slide12:  **P = Process; E=Engg; T=Textiles; G=Glass; M=Miscellaneous *EYC indicates Estimate I Yearly Consumption of audited industrioes MAJOR ENERGY AUDITS (Since 2001) Slide13:  Energy is Life Conservation is instinct of life GDP is inseparable from conservation /efficiency Who are the Stake Holders? Slide14:  ATMOSPHERE ENVIRONMENT HYDROSPHERE BIOSPHERE CONSUMERS GOVERNMENTS POLICY LAWS REGULATORS MARKETS INDUSTRY ASSOCIATIONS COMMERCE/BUSINESS/TRADE IMPORTS / EXPORTS ECONOMY/ FINANCE/ BANKING TAXES / INCENTIVES PROFITABILITY FACTORY PRODUCT MIX LOGISTICS PROCESS MACHINERY SCALE QUALITY SAFETY STAFF COMMUNITY VENDORS INPUTS Slide15:  Energy is : Food, Fodder , Fiber, Fuel Health Safety Climate Any greater cause than energy conservation? Slide16:  Who Moved My Water? Slide17:  Energy is Consumed for emotional uplift like consumerism, competition, convenience, comfort, life style, luxury etc. Energy & energy conservation is an issue of Attitude Values Beliefs Practices Slide18:  Energy is an Emotion more than Knowledge The T&D losses in Mumbai, Calcutta & Delhi are 10-11%, 18-19% & 30% respectively. In certain states it is 50% Russia took 12 years to ratify Kyoto Protocol USA is not convinced yet to ratify Kyoto Protocol Slide19:  50 years back we knew Drinking Water was free. Today it is NOT Drinking water extraction in future may use oil drilling like technology and vast process plants to make the water potable. Where is the energy for this future? Energy & Resources Slide20:  All of us believe today that Air is Free. Will it follow the route of Drinking Water in future? For combustion and release of energy, air is as important as fuel if not more. How many of us measure and control the combustion process in totality ?. Energy & Resources Slide21:  How many of us check the air filter vis-à-vis the fuel tank level of our automobiles ? Can you risk to Guess , billions of US dollars of packaged air in future and the life forms? Energy & Resources Slide22:  Who Moved My Air? Slide23:  Enlightened industry is employing OEMs & Technology suppliers to do Energy Audit at regular intervals MNCs are conducting Energy Audits of their vendor’s units over decades Tea, Salt & Chemical Industry using water circulators or thermic fluid heaters to preheat air as a via media PCRA’s Mixed Experience PCRA’s Mixed Experience:  PCRA’s Mixed Experience Hotels are generating hot water from DG set hot flue gas. Hotels are using boilers to generate steam and run vapour absorption refrigeration systems A very enlightened salt industry using vacuum flash for drying salt. Producing pure water & conserving ground water. A two in one salt manufacture cum desalination! Or is it Three in One? PCRA’s Mixed Experience:  PCRA’s Mixed Experience Some industries still are ignorant and secretive. Unwilling to allow the energy auditors to see the process, plant, quality control deptt etc. They still believe energy conservation is on boiler floor and motor drives only PCRA’s Mixed Experience:  PCRA’s Mixed Experience The garbage collector’s van getting filled fastest. Sometimes some houses remain uncollected. The garbage collector wades through the traffic in search of easy / quick dumping grounds. Now the house holder is waiting in advance for the garbage collector to deposit / dispose off his consumption. An increasing tendency of the industry to consume wood in boilers/ furnaces in place of oil/ coal Slide27:  Who Moved My Coal ? PCRA’s Experience:  PCRA’s Experience PCRA does the scoping study, meeting & discussing with people, process study, equipment wise study, literature study etc before detailed energy audit. In a way we establish full communication by knowing the language of the industry. In a textile spinning mill the exhaust fans were of overcapacity compared to inlet fans Slide29:  Selection of suitable number of inlet fans, water spray pumps, exhaust fans along with relative humidity measurement saved 2.5 lacs KWh/Annum PCRA’s Experience Slide30:  Air compressor appears to follow 80:20 principle. It delivers only 20% effective output and wastes 80% of the input. Due to - Deteriorated performance of internals - Compressed air leaks - Air pressure selection - Single stage operation PCRA’s Experience Slide31:  - Inter stage coolers - cooling Water Treatment - Cooling Tower Performance - Pressure drop PCRA’s Experience Slide32:  - In a dry cell manufacturing plant one of the four compressors could be stopped - 5% of the electricity generated in the country runs air compressors In a foundry the used sand of moulds is recycled after removal of organic binders and flux. The dryer used for this purpose was kept over fired to be on the safe side. An appreciation of quality measurement of fresh and recycled sands reduced the fuel consumption. PCRA’s Experience Slide33:  A steam less dairy that uses only hot water circulation. No boiler, no steam.This dairy does not have milk powder in the product mix PCRA’s Experience Slide34:  Optimizing refrigeration loads in a dairy. 20% of refrigeration loads were reduced by - off peak operation of refrigeration for ice build up in IBT - Sequencing of IBT operation & avoid unnecessary ice build up with respect to stocks & expected inputs PCRA’s Experience Slide35:  - Control of ice build up to maximum 2 inch - Automatic instrumentation for heating and chilling to avoid over heating / fouling & over chilling/ too low suction pressure. - optimum insitu cleaning to improve regeneration efficiency. Save water/chemicals too PCRA’s Experience Slide36:  - Monitoring and adjusting cooling tower for the rated range and approach. This alone controls the Discharge Pressure of the compressor - Calculate regeneration efficiency in every shift. Aim for 90% PCRA’s Experience Slide37:  In a Mirinda Orange Drink Plant found that it’s CO2 absorption requirement was half compared to exotic Coco-Cola. Higher temperature of chilling for the desi drinks are enough. Different energy settings for different product mix. In a latex plant the OEM has set the chiller at +6 0 C of product temperature. The process needed higher temperature of 16 0 C! In operation, the product was shock chilled and allowed to thaw!! A good example of energy conservation at the interface of the equipment and process. The machine needs reset for a product outlet temp of 16 0 C. PCRA’s Experience Slide38:  An FMCG major was connected from an agricultural feeder. The voltage fluctuation causing recurrent disruptions. They were running DG sets at 20% load factor and disconnected the EB feeder. Suggested lock rotor protection/ re-acceleration after carrying equipment wise no load / part load/ full load readings. The EB feeder was revived. DG set shutdown. PCRA’s Experience Slide39:  In an asbestos plant, the asbestos, cement and fly ash slurry is processed in a vacuum drum filter for required thickness of sheets. The vacuum pump discharge temperature is 80 0 C. Suggested to utilize this waste heat to dry the sheets and reduce fuel firing and electricity Amazing, is it not? Lot of low lying fruits! PCRA’s Experience Slide40:  OPPORTUNINITES GALORE Ref.Financial Express, Chennai 22.06.04 TOP 10 PRIVATE COS ACCORDING TO POWER & FUEL COST(Rs. Crores) Slide41:  Who Moved My Electricity? Slide42:  Individual Carbon Neutrality Distributed Production for Distributed Consumption Asymptote Nature? Production Engages People + Locations Ecological Degradation Concepts for Future But ……… Slide43:  Food Miles Up-gradation / harvesting of low grade energy sources (sun light, low temp.heat of flue gas from boiler, furnace, engines, low velocity wind by thermo compressors, heat pumps etc) Awakening on common property rights of air, water, earth, sky…. Concepts for Future Slide44:  Conflict resolution between interest holders of food, fibre, fodder, fuel NPT on automobiles Nuclear power for H2 production / desalination Recycling industries for ferrous/ non-ferrous metals, plastics, paper etc. Concepts for Future Slide45:  Consumers shall pay for the cost of pollution (producer shall pay …..is past) Press the Best Individuals, Institutions, Organizations, & Resources for energy conservation. e.g Brand Ambassadors of the FMCG, Media, Chartered Accountants etc. This will ensure sustainable business as well as life Concepts for Future Slide46:  ICAI published a book on energy audit and management. Concepts for Future Slide47:  Enjoy the interest on the principal of nature’s bounty. Do not treat it as booty. Mankind should not be the worst NPA amongst the life forms. Concepts for Future Slide48:  Save Energy Save Yourself Slide49:  LINK

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