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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: AKHLAS

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Organisation Communication

Writing a Memorandum Presented by: Dr. Akhlas Ahmed Preston University

Memorandum A memorandum is considered “inside” correspondence. It is written to someone in your company.

Advantages of Memos Memos are: Quick Inexpensive Convenient A Written Record

Memorandum A memo is less formal than a letter. It usually conveys one idea and is likely to be short. Effective memos are clearly written with the objective stated in the first sentence.

Purposes of Memos To Inquire To Inform To Report To Remind To Transmit To Promote Goodwill

Questions You should be able to answer several questions regarding your memo: 1. Exactly why are you writing the memo? 2. Is the person you are writing to in a position to make a decision? 3. Do you state your objectives immediately?

Check Your Memo Is is easy to find the main point? Would it help to underline, indent, or bullet the main points? Does your memo have plenty of white space for easy readability? Have you removed unnecessary words? Is your memo filled with technical jargon? Is it positive? Does it “step on anyone’s toes”?

Memos A memo should be designed to get your message across quickly. Busy people do not want to waste time reading unnecessary information.

Organization of the Memo Statement of Purpose Message Statement of Future Action

Special Formatting and Mechanical Techniques Use enumerations to list important items Use solid capitals and centering to emphasize an important detail Use columns with headings to make reading and understanding easier

Special Formatting and Mechanical Techniques Use underlining and side headings to show natural breaks Use bullets to emphasize several points Use boldface and italics when appropriate Use color coding to attract attention

Important “Nevers” in Memo Writing Never write memos or any other communications which are unnecessary. Never write complicated, hardto-understand memos. Keep them simple and to the point.

Important “Nevers” in Memos Writing Never write rude, blunt, or thoughtless memos. Never send memos that have typos, misspelled words, or grammatical errors. – They are a poor reflection on you!

Important “Nevers” in Memos Writing Never waste space with unnecessary introductory material. – Plunge in! Never leave out necessary details causing people to have to follow up with questions.

Important “Nevers” in Memos Writing Never use a closing line or a signature in a memo.

BASIC PARTS OF A MEMO TO: FROM: DATE: SUBJECT: Body of the memorandum—single spaced Reference initials

Memo Make sure the memo is Clear Concise Correct Concrete Complete

Memos Make sure the memorandum is Well placed Has correct punctuation and spelling

Memos Be sure the memo States the purpose clearly Presents message effectively Uses a courteous tone Gives reader complete, accurate details Concludes appropriately


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