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Published on November 26, 2007

Author: Savina

Source: authorstream.com

Ethnography:  Ethnography IRLS 400-500 September 9, 2003 What is Ethnography?:  What is Ethnography? An example of how knowledge is produced by a discipline in social sciences. Examples: “Ghost Dancing the Grand Canyon” and “Puchuxwavaat Uapi (To Know About Plants)” Why are Epistemologies Cosmologically different?:  Why are Epistemologies Cosmologically different? This question is the foundation for ethnography and social science. Ethnography is the attempt to try and understand people. Believes are based on histories, environment and cultural adaption 100 Years of Ethnograghy:  100 Years of Ethnograghy George Murdock- Social Structure Ethnology- International Journal of Cultural and Social Anthropology Omer Stewart- Cultural Element Distributions: XVIII Ute-Southern Paiute Omer Stewart- Peyote Religion Sol Worth and John Adair- Through Navajo Eyes Eugene S. Hunn- Nch’I-Wana “The Big River” John Farella- Wind in a Jar Science-Based vs. Evidence Based Decisions:  Science-Based vs. Evidence Based Decisions This is a question of epistemology. Need to ask ourselves: What do we know? Questions being addressed in a fairly narrow scope Knowledge making decisions are still choices based on evidence, not necessarily science based... Though, everyone is a scientist. More on Goldman:  More on Goldman All humans have experiences that they want to share. Want to share experiences so people can use them. It then becomes shared knowledge. Shared knowledge that persists, overtime it becomes cultural. Idiosyncratic stuff does not work. Shared Knowledge :  Shared Knowledge We are interested in WHOLE PEOPLE’s insights. How do the fundemental epistomologies get started? An example: The Ghost Dance Religion- the most widely accepted ceremony in North America Carlos Castaneda and Don Juan:  Carlos Castaneda and Don Juan Carlos’s theory: People accept a person and his or her voice even though it might not be true. “Don Juan” The Yaqui Medicine Man Character created for his disseration which some people believed to have existed. He wrote three books on his character and there have been three books what try to debunk him. Wovoka and the 1890 Ghost Dance Movement:  Wovoka and the 1890 Ghost Dance Movement Indian leaders across the United States during this time had similar visions. More Indian people in the history in the United States responded to his vision by joining Wovoka a Northern Paiute from Yerrington, Nevada. The Ghost Dance:  The Ghost Dance The Ghost Dance: a Balancing Ceremony to bring the world back in balance and essentially get rid of all the white people. The Ghost Dance to Southern Paiutes- a circle dance Wovoka (Jack Wilson) The Sioux Uprising:  The Sioux Uprising After Wounded Knee, the government thought there was a crisis at hand. Wovoka and his Yerrington Paiute Band were put underlock down. People lost faith in him and the Ghost Dance Wounded Knee 1890 In the End...:  In the End... The Ghost Dance Movement has not ended. The songs were snuck into other ceremonies such as the Sundance. The Ghost Dance was not a failure, it did not fix the problem. But it did not fail!

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