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Published on November 1, 2007

Author: Breezy

Source: authorstream.com

GEOG 101b Introduction to Human Geography:  GEOG 101b Introduction to Human Geography Lecture 08 Week 5 Human settlements and urban development Urbanisation: historical perspective and processes Contents:  Contents Concepts and terms Origins of urbanisation The beginnings of global urbanisation Urban growth processes Central Place Theory 1. Concepts and terms:  1. Concepts and terms Urban = settlement (town, city) minimum of 1,000 persons (1996 Census Canada) Urbanized areas urbanisation = process of…. Urban system = set of urban settlements within a region Urban form = physical structure Urbanism = values and behaviour, urban way of life 2. Origins of urbanisation:  2. Origins of urbanisation Areas of agricultural surplus and early settlements: Tigris-Euphrates region Nile valley Indus valley Central America (Maya and Aztec) North China Slide5:  Market places Ex.: Venice, Baghdad Military, defence & administrative centres Athens Ceremonial centres Chinese ancient centres Transportation networks Rome:  Rome Piazza Navona Colosseum Paris:  Paris Pre-requisites for urbanisation (Gideon Sjoberg 1960):  Favorable "ecological base” Advanced technology Complex social structure Pre-requisites for urbanisation (Gideon Sjoberg 1960) Classification of urban places :  Classification of urban places Folk / Pre-literate Feudal Pre-industrial Urban-industrial Post-industrial (The Pre-industrial City: Past and Present Gideon Sjoberg 1960) 3. The beginnings of global urbanisation:  3. The beginnings of global urbanisation Early urban centres (In Eurasia from England to west Japan = urban banana) (16thC) Ur at the Nile river Mercantile city (16th, 17th C) Copenhagen, Lisbon Manufacturing city (19th - 20th C) Chicago, Detroit Modern city (20th -21th C) Canberra, Brasilia Recent urban growth:  Recent urban growth 4. Urban growth processes:  4. Urban growth processes Urbanization and economic development Economic base Non-basic functions Basic functions (generate exports) “Cumulative causation process” Threshold effect Urban growth rates:  Urban growth rates Urban growth through upward cumulative processes:  Urban growth through upward cumulative processes Urban hierarchy:  Urban hierarchy Hamlet Village Town Hinterland (surrounding service area) City Metropolis, metropolitan area Megacity (> 10 Mio. Inhabitants) Canada’s urban hierarchy:  Canada’s urban hierarchy What is a primate city ?:  What is a primate city ? largest city in a country metropolis, gateway, world city central place 4. Central Place Theory:  4. Central Place Theory Centrality: Central Place theory (Walter Christaller) Calculation of the degree of centrality of various places: Central goods and services Range of sale Distribution of functions

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