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Published on December 29, 2007

Author: Willi

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Aquaculture in Lebanon:  Aquaculture in Lebanon Ibrahim Al-Hawi Anjar Aquaculture Center -Ministry of Agriculture Lebanon, 2005 Background :  Background Fish Production: 4,000 tons Aquaculture Production: 600 tons The annual per capita consumption: 3.25 kg   History:  History Started in the 30s. The oldest farm was created in 1965 in Hermel. 41% sprouted during the years 1985-1990 Human resources:  Human resources There are about 150 farms or holdings. It is in most cases a family business. Most hire a full time labourer to take care of daily farming activities of the farm. Main raisers are organized into 4 main coops There are restaurants owners (30) Slide5:  Regions are in 4 different areas (Hermel, Akkar, south and Anjar) Farming systems and distribution TROUT:  TROUT Introduced: early 1960’s. Production: around 600tons/year by 150 farms  Semi Intensified System TROUT:  TROUT TROUT:  TROUT Water requirement: Water flows of at least 2-8 cu.m/minute Water Quality: + Water temperature: 7-18°C + Oxygen Content: 6 - 9 mg/l TROUT:  TROUT + Egg Imports: 5,000,000 certified eyed eggs (3,200,000 Winter - 1,800,000 Summer) + Egg sources: Denmark, South Africa & USA + Average Yield: 30kg/m2 Feed Imports: 800 tons/year TROUT:  TROUT TROUT:  TROUT Diseases:  + Nutritional and environmental + Bacterial + Fungal + Protozoans TILAPIA:  TILAPIA Existing Facilities Pilot project of choueifat: Private Sector: Operational Hatchery & Growout Facilities TILAPIA:  TILAPIA Major Challenges: Sub-Optimal Temperature: ( Optimum: > 25°C ) High electricity costs ($0.133/kWh) Unstable power supply TILAPIA:  TILAPIA Technologies employed Recirculation Biofilters UV disinfectants Greenhouses Standby Generators Slide15:  Recycle > 98% of it’s water to maintain ‘high-residence-times’ allowing ‘free’ solar energy to heat the tank water RBC's (Rotating Biological Contactor) for ammonia conversion Slide16:  Marine aquaculture is absent (one shrimp farm (Litopenaeus vannamei) Pilot project for Seabass and Seabream Market:  Market the total amount of imported fish, whether live, fresh or frozen (including crustaceans and molluscs) amounts to 14000 tons (US $35.6 million). Canned and prepared fish stuff imports are at 1608 tons with a value of US $ 4.6 million representing mainly prepared or preserved fish; caviar and caviar substitutes prepared from fish eggs. Turkey is the number one exporting country (17% of the total imports), followed by Egypt (9%), Argentina (7%), the United Kingdom (7%), India (6%) and Oman (5%) (Annex 6). Trout Marketing :  Trout Marketing Market not selective: No grading or packaging. Sold chilled whole or eviscerated. Farm Price is $2-3/kg Retail price is $3-5/kg. Restaurants/Farms (10$/kg) Marketable size: 250-350 g. Ministry of Agriculture Aquaculture Facilities :  Ministry of Agriculture Aquaculture Facilities Batroun (Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries) Chouaifat (Aquaculture Centre) Anjar (Fish Farming Centre) Hermel (Fish Farming Centre) Regulations:  Regulations No licensing requirement for the establishment of farms from MOA. Aquaculture farms establishment is regulated by the Ministry of Environment which requests an EIA study. Start up of such enterprises is subject to local authorities Mayor (at Mohafazat level) where such farms are treated as classified enterprises subject to the Mayor licensing. Current related regulations are under revision by MOA Research:  Research Anjar: Aquaculture research projects involve trout growing and technology transfer. NCMR under the NCSR is responsible for marine aquaculture research. American University of Beirut The Lebanese University in collaboration with NCMR and Anjar center. Balamand University is a private one that conducts research studies on marine aquaculture. The government’s Oceanographic Institute of Batroun in North Lebanon Issues and Trends :  Issues and Trends Aquaculture sector production and productivity in Lebanon can be boosted in relation to water availability and quality, the favourable growing conditions (temperature, ..). Aside from Morocco Lebanon is the only Arab country growing Trout. Farming practices and technologies used needs to be enhanced. Investments are needed to develop the sector along with the support infrastructure. Research is needed: feed conversion, health management and different growing techniques. Issues and Trends:  Issues and Trends Legislations and regulations pertaining to aquaculture production, establishment of enterprises and its effects on environment needs to be developed and enforced. Comprehensive accurate statistics and adapt concerning the sector is needed. Lack of funds and human resources are the two factors leading such gaps. Slide24:  Thank you

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