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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: BobZook

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Group presentation ppt for an online presentation

Case Study: Factors Influencing the Color Change of Leaves in the Fall Group #2 Ali Saghir Dustin Johnson Lisa Rizzo Robert Zook Tammy Scott

Setting  Science Unit for upper elementary or middle school  Target of Understanding: Students will understand the reasons and the factors for why the leaves of the trees change color in the Fall.  A collaboration of schools from different sections of the US will be formed.

Sequence of Performances  Introductory – Each school will create a digital movies and PowerPoint that will describe their location. Based on this description, each school will guess the order of the locations based on when the leaves change color.  Guided Inquiry-  Culminating-

Sequence of Performances  Introductory  Guided Inquiry- Students will collect and share the follow data:  Longitude/Latitude  Kinds of trees  Daily weather data (temp, precip., daylight hours)  Pictures (single tree as well as collection of trees)  Culminating-

Sequence of Performances  Introductory  Guided Inquiry  Culminating- Students using Elluminate will present a multimedia presentation detailing the factors that influence the change of color of leaves in the Fall.

New Technology  Use of Google Apps for Education  Word processing  Spreadsheet  Website  Elluminate will facilitate the sharing of the weekly discussions between schools and the final presentation to all schools.

Incorporating On-going Assessment  During the presentation, schools will of a Q&A with each other.  Schools will be paired for weekly Elluminate sessions where they will explore the the parts of trees, how a tree grows, parts of leaves and the process of photosynthesis.

How can new technologies support the process?  Digital cameras, video cameras, temperature probes, thermometers, pyranometer will be used to collect data  Data will be shared using shared spreadsheets and website Google Apps for Ed tools and Elluminate.

Any Questions? Image Credits: http://blogs.targetx.com/hbu/DawgTracks/f all-leaves.jpg http://www.glacialwanderer.com/_blog/blog 2007/10_October/3leaf.jpg http://blog.syracuse.com/news/2008/10/10 0108foliageJB2.JPG

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